its all kind of like the saying that you can fool some of the people some of the time..

I had been squawking about Evil, like Dr. Evil in gold member  🙂

I reserve evil for the special kind of humans like Ted Bundy and all his brethren, and genocidal homicidal creatures.

I also know that most of these creatures were created by other creatures, maybe just the right mix of abuse, neglect add up to this malady.

I just feel that the buck has to stop where.

the one thing that is consistent through our lives and birth is Control, who controls the people? Government, they have had thousands of years to solve this virus. They have know that the formative years of a Childs life are not only the foundation for their lives, but carries an everlasting imprint of the rest of their lives.

I have been watching this course on Evil, why evil exists. Just like in Germany 1933 the people were led like to sheep to commit one of the most evil acts of the 19th century. This same example applies to our own country, I do not see any difference in the tactics, I had an epiphany the other day, America is ripe to be led by someone like Adolph, hopefully someone good rises above the fray and nothing happens as it did during the 3o’s and 40’s. I have also been watching a course on War, very scary how many way a nuke war could erupt, even without old man Biden poking the soviets, playing chicken with Nukes. But I feel this is least likely to happen compared to other options. all this gloom and doom makes me hungry 🙂

In reality, even chatting about it is a waste of good energy, sometimes my heart goes dark, I have been under a cloud since returning to the desert. I know only extreme fitness can snap me out of my funky brain, that makes my body not want to prance around as if I am magically 20 🙂

War pigs playing right now, such a great song, on the times, just like the Eagles song that sings about how white mans reign.

but I have more  immediate fish to fry, thinking of applying for a producer job, well probably wont get it, but it would be a fun job. I could make a difference, or not.

I have to find a purpose soon, without a true purpose, I undoubtedly will keep on floundering around just like.. a flounder 🙂

maybe i can get someone to fund an expedition hiking and kayaking the Kodiak archipelago, taking pictures and writing about the fascinating island lost in time. fat chance

One thing I do know, I have to make sure I do no harm, I have to be of the Hippocratic oath, not out of spite, fear, anger or any other malady my mind might be suffering. to do only good things.

so many of us suffer things of our own mind, yet we are frozen in the belief that our minds are “who we are” THE THOUGHTS COMIING TO MY are MINE, well that maybe be true, but we do not, WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THOUGHTS, RANDOM OR OTHERWISE. we control our reactions, well not the body ones, they are imprinted in our DNA.

the hardest part of all this?  the realization that I am the only one who is of this mindset, we are a culture of getting  ahead at whatever it takes, to be at the top of the dog pile, hahaha that reminds me of playing dog pile as a kid, hide and seek, god pile, butts up. so fun to be a kid and not nary a worry about all this adult human shit.

My distraction is temporary, I have to put my bondage chains back on and find a gig to pay my bills. I have spent money in the past, but usually  just a waste of greenback, like all this SEO experts saying they can get you on top of the searches, well that is easy pay google, as for the other organic searches, they are at the bottom of the paid searched and you will be lucky if someone knows a way to turn off the paid ads. no my best bet is to send out spam

I do have an appointment for tomorrow to draft up some plans, that could be enough to keep the wolves happy for a week or two.

O so I went to see my brother the other day. he keeps breaking his phones, he can only use one hand, do you think they would be smart enough to give him something to hold it for him? I think a touch screen computer would be his best option, you can now sync them with your phone, I use mine to make calls.  he is as happy as he was before he got hurt, the law is true, you will only be as happy as your brain lets you be, unless you change the signals, or the receptor (you)

its almost as if he trying to drag me down to his level, resentments and such, I have some burdens that eye have no need to reopen, or want. some people are better as (social only ) people or relatives, as they either have no vision or they only have spears of discontent or nothing to solve problems only highlight them as a beacon of power.  I can find problems anywhere and everywhere, but I choose to ignore them unless they become real. if I highlight them, I will have a solution or another path.

I can honestly say, I have never done anything, that has not been criticized or condemned by one of these people. they run rampant in our society, killings dreams of all that will listen to their negativity. I know this.

the mere thought of dealing with these people has me reticent to move, frozen in static flux.

it is funny how we sow what we breed. I hope I have bred doers, thinkers and lover of life.  how can I help these humans of my loins I ask myself and not become an Ogre, a one eyed Ogre, I keep wanting to spell ogre Ogar, I feel sorry for people trying to learn English, we screw them on so many levels hahah.

let see maybe get some work done, make some videos and get started spamming the world. I also think I will be creating a non-profit, who am i kidding, I have no illusions of my ability to survive in a for profit company, I think I have too much trust in human nature, yet can not learn to be the machine that deals with everything as abstract evil.