I am a firm beliver in riding out the bad times and enjoying the good times, but this is ridiculous. I know Walmart Home depot and all the hospitals that are involved in the pandemic are raking it in hand over fist, but their workers are getting paid peanuts, so we can buy cheap Chinese tools, and they have to wear a mask, criminey

i have been going through s0me tough times of my own, mostly trying to keep my happy dumb go lucky view of life and its twist and turn. My dark side comes out now and then, so I try  not to write much… but I am bored out of my skull, no excitement just the same old bullshit.  the Trial of Trump, it is already a forgone conclusion, he will be like John Gotti, only they will call him the teflon President. I mean, if they convict Trump, it is only common sense, that all of his supporters are just as guilty, right? why not? that would be just as stupid as me when I am stoned out of my brain.  love to be that dumb, its been months.

ok that is enough politics. maybe a native story, but enough on this rag section.

So I was showing my impulsive, non-patient colors,  in recent post. There really is some weird shit going on in my life, but that is what I have been my normal.  so I was lifting weights the other day, after watching a course on strength training, and did a couple reps, too heavy of some abductions, for me pectoral muscles, bad idea, I can not life my arm, I had went hiking and felt stiff, but nothing painful, not until the next morning. crippled up withough my right arm, its worthless, but not only that, hurts bad real bad, the good side, my neck is not bothering me at all hhahahahahahh, well not that funny.

that is not all, so every now and then, I get stuck, where I just do not know where my life is heading, that is normal, but a kind of lost feeling, so I turned on  a Christian  station. This preacher is talking about how the Churches are going through a rough time, yaddda yadda, but he says, he agrees, with the bad churches that condone, or at least look the other way in abuse and greed and all the other things we humans are famous for. so I keep listening, he sound sharp and smart, I do love smart people, without an agenda, just smart, not aleck, but good cognitive abilities, anyway, his sermon was about, the times when god is absent in our lives, the times when we still believe in him and are living by the ten commandments, he didn’t say that, but that is my form of Christianity, he was talking about scriptures, and how common it was through the scriptures, when people were asking, where is God, I have done all the right things, but he does not show himself, this is a common  thing for everyone I suppose, it is with me, I just ride it out, and do not questions his means or plans. I just plug ahead the best I can. Well, anyway, he goes not to say, it is just a test, like in college or high school, to test if your doing all the things that are in the scriptures, or in my case, the ten commandments. am I loving me neighbor? well, no I was not, i have become hardened to people, during these times. it seems everyone I see, has a dark cloud over them, I am having a hard time, seeing the good in all people. I have been good in most others, but this one has made me weaker in spirit, I guess I needed to hear that preacher, and God made it so. 98.1 I remembered the stations, just in case, I have an urge for more Christian schooling 🙂

There was also another rant, about having to work all my life, well it was more directed at a couple of schoolmates, who recently passed.. I am just blessed that I can work, and do have the ability to work jobs that are enjoyable, i LOVE BUILDING THINGS, JUST NOT ALWAYS THE PEOPLE THAT GO WITH THE DEAL. I spoke in haste or prematurely, thinking of all the r contractors or Arizona Unions or Companies, that treated people as chattel, and not people, or the worst is the homeowners tying  to save money by managing thier own project, well those are off limits, or sometimes even worse, the companies, that call themselves General Contractors, who are intent on squeezing every ounce of blood out of you. NO I hope I can work until I am 75 or more, the good lord willing, but i KNOW i HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF ME SELF.

right now, I am nursing a broken wing, with lots of pain. do I am going into my repair self, and need to make sure, that SAFE EXERCIZES, PERHAPS LIGHTTER OR NOT AT ALL ON THE ISOLATION DEALS.

I have never like  weights, as stated before, but the burn fat. fat is bad, very bad, a little ok, but overall fat is bad to have on your body. I remember Gilbert telling me a story about this muscle heed Charlie, coming to him for a job painting, with his big muscles, he was like no way, or the time, that I bulked up and then tried to lap swim, no bueno, not happening, at least with any speed. ok sayonara, my arm is killing me, just typing this drabble, until next time.

o I had forgottent to add, the story of the radio preacher, he had said the reason, that God seems to have abandoned or no listenening is it is a test, maybe I did say that part, but at my age, I am not going to survive too many more
“tests”  reminds me of being a choir boy at St. Stephens Episcopol church, and the teacher always saying there is going to be a test, and me thinking, I can not pass a test, or remember all the stuff you told me. I gess, I’m up for the test, as long as I can take them in one piece, well the pieces I have left, anyway