well had gig to do, ended up bailing, it was a classic bait and switch, nice  sweet customer turns into ATTILLA the hun, so I show up to modify an underground driveway, simple enough, well tough job, but no problem, I was ready to work, they were having problems with their small cars  and being able to get them into the basement.  I asked them to drive down so I could make sure I get the right adjustments, NO WAY, I almost burned up my clutch, hmm that is not my problem, learn how to drive with a  clutch, or get an automatic, I burned up my share of clutches, so alright I could figure it out with some boards, her front end clearance was only 3″ and extended out 18″ so I had to get it to lift at that point, while I figured that out, she and her husband were acting very suspicious.  and then she started telling me that I was responsible to mask her house off and protect her internet connections, which were in the area, well, the little light in my head went off, run forrest run, run run. I bid a haste, but polite retreat. I have been tricked in the past, but they were not very good at the whole deception thing. for one thing, a seasoned scofflaw, would not of tipped his hand so early in the project. for  me the work is the easy part, people, well most are not problematic, but every once in a while… she went from being a polite little southern belle, to a scorned recruit that has  and ax to grind, with bun, boots and an attitude. too bad could have used the money, but not if I had to worry about getting paid, now, if i had seen Attilla from teh get go, well I could have added the cleaning expenses and all the potential extra charges that could be included,  I used a wet saw for concrete cutting and jackhammer would have been minimal, but the cost to protect the whole room would have been more than my original bid, had she mentioned that she needed protection, but all I saw was shop tools and boxes, O well, better safe than burned.  o no good times, but got back to workig on me bathroom project, something decenct will pop up. lots of cheapos out there right now. if your one of them, you can find some carpenters on broadway and Gilbert road in Mesa