Ok, I got vaccinated, had been worried since this whole virus thingy came out,  Since the Cancer I do not know what my body is up to. I  tend to keep  away from people and do not like being that close to strangers as a general rule. I have given a few hugs, not to strangers. everyone has their personal space, mine is bigger than most, i like to keep at least sucker punch distance, LOL

It is true, mater of fact, have not been sucker punched much over the years, because of that rule,  a couple of times in crowded bars, but  being drunk, my personal space was not working

no, I was never the chest bumping idiots you see, or argueing at close range, dumb idea.  So I got the shot and I will be protected in 28 days. but need to get some scraps before that.  I have been almost reluctant to get a shot. The whole Medical scam, has me very pessimistic about the medical field in General. but medicine has been able to keep people alive, and cure epidemics in the past. I have to find my Biden niche, I see the Republican sheep, are doing the same bullshit that the Democratic sheep did for 4 years of the trump regime. but they do not have the press on their side.  who really controls the press or the politicians, follow the money.  Trump screwed himself, if he only had a brain. well he has more than Biden, but his is controlled by his petty emotions, his lack of empathy is what lost him the election, but if biden does not come through, you can bet your sweet ass, he will be back in 24.

With us humans raping the land and in a course for disaster, there is no better time to do a complete reset. to change the food supply, which by most accounts is poison, the cows, the fishing. the plastic, the plastic bottles, everybody, just think oki doki,  I throw mine in the trash, I am a good person. what is with the packaging, that is my pet peeve, you can not buy anything without  a ton of garbage attached in the way of packaging.  I babbling on about bullshit that has nothing to do with me quality of life, so like the rest of the sheep, why do I blather on? no point in it really, it is not going to effect ME, perhaps my descendants in 100 years from, now, I will not even be a memory. I think I will play my guitar… and enjoy my piece of the pie.