I have come to this realization, in the last few years, embracing my life, and everyone that I have ever known, they are all a part of me, even the ones that I never got to know, the ones that wronged me, and the ones I have wronged, yes I am no angel, but this is a grateful tribute to all I have know, we are all on this spaceship we call Earth. I love all my memories, the good the bad and the ugly, they are the sum of who I am, So many experiences so many people, I love to stop and ponder the past, I know i have had some bad adventures, but they pass, just as easy as the good ones. I am so grateful for all of them, I love to look back at myself and think, what the fuck was I thinking Ahahhaha lol. but it was me, that I can not deny. Now fast forward to today, I look back and see this wounded animal of my former self, and I am so grateful that life has brought me to this spot, I made it. I survived, often with a flair. I have embraced my whole life, from the waking up and drinking the hair of the dog, I look kindly back at the time, I grabbed a beer laying on the table and started chugging first thing in the morning,  only to feel a cigarette touch my lips, or waking up in the bushes in Anchorage freezing to death, still drunk and far from home, this happened many times, or the many times, I woke up wondering who’s house i was at, looking around, or waking up in the drunk tank, all memories that I relish, or waking up with my eye popped like a grape, they are all a part of me now, I have experienced life and survived, for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I can feel normal, without any help, just some good food and coffee, well maybe some hiking and meditation too, but I feel fine. never been more fine in my life. I want to live, to experience all life has to offer.  I look back and see that scared human that I was in a grateful eye of love, the person that was so uncomfortable in his own skin, that the only comfort was to drink it away, to turn off my emotional turmoil. I survived, I thrive now. I am grateful for all of you, even if only a moment in my life, for all of you I am grateful, we are all on this globe together, to do good things, there can be no greater reward than to be a good person. I think, therefore I am. I am, I am sam I am, here today. love the world it will love you back.