Ok, so I have embraced this stoic thingy, called phil os o fee, but as I said, I am not  giving up on God, I mean, who do I cry to, when times are bleak? who will I think is walking me through my life journey when times are tough, and they will always fluctuate, as long as I can breath, no I refuse to give my my Belif in God, and God had given me the Christian religion, well the Russian orthodox, then the Episcopal, and now the new “All in Agreement” Christianity, whereby, it takes all things in agreement and throws out anything not, so pretty much the Ten Commandments.  I still find it ignorant for One christian faith to attack another over beliefs, always will. I remember reading all the booklets condemning the Catholic for their practices, the list goes on and on, I feel pity for the ones that are so far into “church” or religion specifics, that they have no compassion, based on faith, but it can also be noted, that they are driven by doubts, and these rants or critique, strengthen their resolve.

Jesus means loving thy neighbor, that does not just mean the russian across the street, but the muslim across the world, or the guatemalan to the south, to hate people is a reflection on your heart and state of mind. I have to admit, I have been guilty of stereotypical behaviour, but I know in my heart it is not right, yet people are programmed by thier governments, That free school, is not as free as you think, wherever you went to school, the government paid for it, or if you went to catholic school, it was used to brainwash you, did it work, yes, to some degree we all are brainwashed, or a better informed word would be taught, we are taught, and thus, we learn, what they want, you always hear about curriculum, well another word is brainwashing, so All these Chinese people, Russian people, and especially the Muslim countries or conditioned, taught how to live, not as extreme in all examples, I am so proud to be an American and even more so to have been schooled in the California School system of the 1970’s

In Closing, I would also like to comment on my eldest daughter’s post about PORN, yes I said it, PORN.

I remember growing up without any internet and I we had dirty magazines, hustler and some other ones, for me, they were just crude, and the jokes were even cruder, and I have watched porn on numerous occasions over the year, but never really could watch more than a few min, there was bad acting, and not much romance, I think lonely people get hooked on porn, just like on food, perhaps both, you can get hooked on anything that takes away your brains focus, Me the guitar has gotten me hooked, to the angst of me wife and JT.

I do believe Porn is protected under the free speech amendment, but also believe it objectifies and desensitizes people to sex, and makes it dirty, as apposed to a loving thing between 2 people, or 3 or 5, consenting adults, not my thing, I can barley handle myself, jk

Women are objectified, in pron just as much as the women that walk around with their breast sticking out, or full fledged makeup hight heels and the works, I find that enticing, they look fabulous, but very hard to think they trying to win on brains alone, and perhaps, that is due to the inequity of pay we all hear about.  we grew up hearing about the how actresses got screen roles by sleeping with directors, but did we ever stop and think it was true?  well like most bad things, that surely had no effect on my life, as with many things.

The main issue if someone is using porn, they have some issues, but no more than food or drugs, perhaps less, depends on who it effects, maybe it is a release of some sort, but I have heard to the contrary, but that is just hearsay.

I will say, that anything that has to do with children, should be a felony on par with murder, as in murdering the child’s innocents, parent to non parent, that is even worse. Parents are role models, adn monkey see, monkey do.

I knw, I know, I am just a regurgitator or childhood tv shows.

I mean we have come a long way, with Gay rights, Racism, and equal opportunity, when we grew up, I had a dollar every time,  I heard the N word, the Q word or the F word, I would be a millionare.I heard these from grandparents, Aunty, Uncles, brothers, sisters friends, I never thought much about it, it was ingrained in the American Culture, passed down by the Nazis the leader of the American Genocide  of Native Americans, wipe them out and get paid, dark times, in our history.  like Virginia Slims, we have come a long way.

why would anyone in their right mind, give a rats ass, who 2 or 3 or 4 consenting adults have sex with our make a life with? whO, what would be the motive, we could go back to the church teachings, if that if your excuse, please read above, that is all based on faith, I dont see it in the Ten Commandments, and perhaps we were created to be man and woman, but we were also not created to turn this Earth into a shithole, poison the water the land, that just does not fly. I must again stress that no children should ever be exposed to anything but a safe environment, whether that be 2 same sex parents or 2 mixed.  Children need love and direction, not hate, breed what you sow. maybe I am a parrot, but all the worlds problems can be attributed to the lack of direction or a safe haven and being loved. When our plan has the Mother earth and the future of mankind and all of earths inhabitants as the primary culture, we will have a plan