yes, growth either muscle, mental, or relationships takes work and can be  painful, but the lack of is stagnation, or worse atrophy

The Key is moderation and thinking before acting, and perhaps a good journal to vent on 🙂

Yesterday, I took the dogs to canyon lake, its about 1/2 hour drive from out house, I had no idea, how things would go, for one thing, I had not tried the paddle board, except in the pool, but it was good and buoyant.  I forgot to take their leashes, so I used some line (rope) to keep them “leashed” unfortunatly, Rhaegar almost choked sophie to death, back in the truck they went, I got the paddle board positioned in the water and retrieved my 2 canine freinds, luck for me as soon as I jumped on the paddle board, on my knees, they both jumped in the water and came towards me, I grabbed and pulled sophia aboard first, she was easy, the big galoot Rhaegar, not as easy, but he did climb aboard, we were off, all fine and dandy until sophie saw a duck