I was reading some facebook post, mostly I try not to get into judging other peoples thinking, except on here, my safe place :/ yeah right!

So any hoo, there is an awful lot of post how, christians, at least, they proclaim to be in the know.

They are saying without christ you are no good, or words to that effect.

Now i AM no christian scholar for sure, but that was the reason Christ was crucified, for believing different than the Romans.

This rings of some crazy Christian like David Koresh, Jim Jones, charley Manson and Keith Raniere just to name a few, to me jesus was about forgiveness and  love

this smacks of low self esteem, to me.

how can anyone be so inclined to believe, do they even know the history of their own religion?

I have decided, as time allows to see the history of christianity, which has evolved in to too many sect and cults to list on my little blog/journal

just like the Muslims, it is fine and dandy, until they want to vilify the infidels, the non-believers, is this the Christian life too?

that is why I stick to the  Ten Commandments, easy peasy, no  brainwashing allowed.

if it promotes guilt or shame, its not religion, its cultism, controlism  and simple brainwashing.

I still believe Christianity is the best we have

I saw a phrase the other day, where buddah, or Ghandi, someone, said, I like christianity and Jesus, just not Christians.

promoting guilt or judgement is not christian

I lead a simple life, nothing to be guilty about, maybe eating too much, or drinking too much milk, love that stuff 🙂

I write lots of stuff on here, that probably offends almost anyone at anytime, not on purpose, it is my mind at work, tinkering with me thinkering.

I do best when I love all people, non believers, atheist’s muslims  Buddhist, EVERYONE, not just people who are programmed to think just like me, that would be a horrible world.