Easter, I remember growing up and looking forward to easter, my mom would make Easter bread, we would have a special dinner, and when we were young we would get Easter baskets, and when my parents were still married we went to church.

Easter, what is it?   is it bunny day, or it it the celebration of the rise of jesus ascending to heaven after being crucified?

Admittingly, I am a minimalist Christian, and have been accused of being somewhat of a pagan, by other church going “christians”

I have no answer for why we are here, not one, of my own accord, but I believe with all my heart that there is a God, that we are not just some primordial ooze, that popped out of the mud, nope not buying the whole thing, maybe I am just an optimist, but I do believe.

I have analyzed this throughout my whole life.  My religion was given to me, first as a Russian Orthodox Christian, then episcopal and now what I like to call a minimalist.

I accept that all people are entitled to what they believe, whether it be the primordial ape story, science based? or Muslim with 1000 virgins, we all have a choice, I respect your choice, and everyone’s choice to believe or not believe, I only find problem with choices or people that, Blindly with malice, condem my choice or anyone choice ro beliefs.  that my friend is Manipulation.

No I can only speak for myself.  Jesus Christ died for Our sins, now that is not the only great part of his story.  That God gave up his son, on Earth is a powerful part of that story, I mean if this life on earth had no meaning, then that would not have been a big deal, right?  think about it.

That he went to heaven, a better place than we have on Earth, is another point, which should not be ignored. But what is heaven?  to me, it is a place without shame, regret, death, but everlasting life, to soar like a star, just imagine the never ending expanse of the universe, I like to think of it as the start of a infinite journey, with  many adventures.

Disclaimer:  remember this is a journal and these are just my opinions, like assholes everyone has them.

To me christianity means forgiving and loving,  hopefully we will learn enough to limit our forgiveness as we get older and wiser, but just trying to love everyone, that in itself can be an uphill climb, I mean, nobody is going to love  a greedy murderer or child molestor rigfht?  I mean to love Evil, is that not the personification of Evil?  to forgive Evil, is that to turn a blind eye?

These hardly effect me, it is more on a Grand Societal scale. when I think of this, perhaps I will never be a good christian, in the sense of loving the Evil. Cast them mother fuckers into the lake of fire. I said it, let it be written.

is the Easter bunny and Santa, just a distraction?  what are churches for? are they useful, or are they just a pulpit to push a certain agenda or view on Religion?

I have been to church on a few occasions, and I just see a basket, like a beggar on the street asking for money. they all have this basket. there are lots of churches, you can not go anywhere without passing a church, are they all  good?

Ok, I am not vilifying church,  I just think it can be confusing, to the masses, Christianity and the relief it gives in ones life can be substantial, it has been in mine.

The Perfect Church in my mind:  Singing, lots of singing, and just accepting that Jesus died on the cross, so that we may have everlasting life, that gives hope, that we are not just dust in the wind. just the hope, and also an importance of doing good things, and being a good person, not because your going to hell, but for love of life. whenever someone quotes scripture, my spidey alarms go off, what are you trying to say,  all we need is love, God loves you, not God loves you if you do this, or think this way or that way, that is bullshit christianity.

Where should the Church being doing the most good, prisons, jails, or on the streets helping addicts?  NO, that is way past the bar, let me tell you a joke my brother told me, maybe not….. ok not

The focus on all churches should be on the Children, the focus of all governments should be on the children, all Children.  the schools, this is where the ills of society are born, in childhood, this is clear in most of our cultures wrongs.  We treat the symptoms not the cause,  they say believe the science, then turn their backs on science.

Just like in medical, the criminals the rapist the murderer were all children at one time, I have heard children of God, I can love all of them, We can help them before they become unloveable, before they are ruined.