just got back from the store, went to sprouts, such nice food, got some split pea and some other beans. healthy living, they even have the nuts pre-packaged in one pound bags, no more free labor :/

The steaks look good, but kinda spendy for what looks like commercial packaged stuff, from who knows where? when? ended up going to fry, but even the great deals of yesteryear are long gone, opted for some cheap flank steaks, hoping Jt can pull off one of his chef tricks.

I have energy and full of piss and vinegar, with intermittent hunger pangs, best to stay busy, at least mind busy. I feel like my body is healing, except for that pesky prostate, such is life… almost a little amusing waiting for it to drain out, I have become accustomed to having a piss cup on board, or using a used coffee cuP, I know too much information, 🙂 it has a element of danger and excitement trying to pee and not get it on oneself or being caught by other unsuspecting drivers, that is what living on the edge has become. that and being hungry, that damn fat is pesky, they say you just shrink the fat cells, hard to kill, but I am on the case. jumped in the pool after rollerblading, but the water, not much above bath water, nice, but not likely killing much fat cells. I do have a few plugs, while I am at it. let me check.

here is my first plug, in which eye get no compensation, just passing some free advice or a lead, for anyone out there that is losing thier reading ability, packing around reading glasses, and losing them and an endless cycle of buying losing breaking, I had upgraded to progressives, but the cost was around 200, or less if you found a good sale, you could then go everywhere. I recently found some readers, that are progressive with big lenses, 15 bucks. im using them right now. great for reading and computer, putting around the house, and work, they will be good for that, not good for far distance, my regular vision good for that, 15 bucks here is the link.

Super progressive readers

my other one is something that a I had been wondering about over the years, now for the squeamish, exit out now

it has to do with number 2 yes poop,or more specifically pooping. I have this thing about pooping, I hate to poop in public places, never eve if I can help it, and the other thing is the wiping, can be easy on some watery waste, but then.. there is the glue like stuff, you know, we all had it, me more often than not. pretty hard get clean with the thin tissue we call toilet paper, and when the big covid thang hit, well I ordered not one but 2 of the clear rear, it is an attachable bidet, it washes yer arse like a charm, just use toilet paper to dry, no more nasty job, maybe it borders on a fruedian something or another, but o so clean. lol