here we go Superbowl time, I kinda want Brady to win another one, dont you, he seems ageles, so unless I get someone to bet me some dough, I am going to be rooting for old man Brady, who is 15 years younger dan me:/

you know, now that I think about it, at that age, I was actually older than I am now, that sound suspicious, but mindset is the most important issue, when thinking of age. Diet plays a huge role too, but mindset, is key.

the truth be told, I just started watching football last week, well two weeks ago, so all I know about either team, was learned last week.

I am taking my new thyroid meds, they seem to be making me a little better… not sure, take them at midnight or try, not supposed to mix with food calcium, iron, and a few other things, but vitamin C boost them. I feel great, except for my leather skin, rubbing copious amounts of coconut oil has helped, but still a layer of  leather.