well, got nothing to say, let see if I can force something out if I just start typing, like hiking just go and the rest will take care of itself.

I am still ini the realization of how much I do not control my own thought, or emotions, I have come so yet, have so far to go. One thing that they Stoics portray as their root of theory is to be one with nature. I see that as all the creatures of this planet, the birds, bees, dogs, cats, wolves, eagles, and even the unwanted.  We were given reason, the ability to reason, now all these other creatures, were to in a limited way, compared to us human beans. lol

If we Act impulsively we are acting like the animals to witch we claim superior intelligence.

yeah not working, how about dogs, let me tell you.\

Ok, I have had dogs cats all of our lives, I even had a license  plate that said pets, enrich our lives. yes that is me, love dogs, but due to my non-growth or acting on emotions, and not using my god given skilll of reason, I would act impulsively, sometimes physically reprimanding dogs that misbehaved, I can tell you one thing about this, IT IS WROND< will never create a dog human relationship that is one of the most AWEsome relationship with a pet you can have. wrong wrong wrong.  My growth has shown me this, and being able to think like a human, but we are not all human thinkers are we, and it is much easier to be nice to a pet, than another contentious human, but the same rules apply, it is fascinating, how well this work, if I could only have a second chance at rasing kids again, I just need a time machine. I had better disclaim, except for a few spankings of Richard, my eldest son, they were not spanked and the few times it was very rare, and was more a reflection of my own weakness as a parent, the spoil the child spanking things is bad  shit. It only shows the weakness of the parent. NO, I can not have a second  try, but one thing that we always did, was make sure that they were loved, even now, I feel a need to make sure, no matter what we love them, even though it is  counter intuitive to discipline them for things, that make them feel unloved at time, The bad thing is, We had looked for books on parenting and all  that was available, and we found nothing, but this teachings of the stoics, well this line of thinking can and should be taught to all children, Instead, they learned Our anger, and lots of not so pretty human traits. One thing I learned, kids to not miss anything, nothing, they are sponges, whatever you do, they ingest it, whether it is aimed at them or not.

blah blah, just my thoughts today, and they stem from our Dogs, Sophie and Rhagar, these dogs show love like none of the others,  we had Oliver, he was a love dog too, but he was disciplined, not much, but a little, he actually bit me twice, he got really exited in waters, on time, he was wrestling in the pool and clamped on to my arm, the other time I was inverter in the pool and he bit my leg,  these dogs are so great, all dogs, our dog, I named him buggers bit me on the nose, he made a big gash, I moved and was playing with him, it happened so fast I do miss those dogs, and like these new dogs, they all slept on our bed. Oliver used to climb up on my back and go to sleep, I finally banned him, after my back started to hurt, we had to  lift buggers up every night, but if we didn’t he would huff and puff until mary relented, I am too deaf to hear his huffing and puffing,  Me and Sarah got Pepper from the side of the road, she seemed almost like a coyote, Shepard hybrid, You never knew if she wanted to bite you or not, after the bugger incident, I was careful around her, she was so neurotic, always crying, more of a high pitched squeak, she died in my arms at the vet, it was so emotional, I took them up and put them back to nature.

I think, until someone has had a close relationship with a dog, they never feel real closeness, even these cats of our, I have a different type of relationship with all of them, cats are not as human connected, just much different, dogs, have so many facial expressions, as many as humans, cats, not as much, you have to look into their eyes, and even then it is guesswork, kinda like trying to figure out some math problem