I feel very grateful to have lived 58 years on this planet, there are many that do not, I was once working on the hill building downtown Anchorage with this laborer seemed heatlthy enough, he died suddenly, he was 38. my cousin Peter died suddenly, he was about the same age, food addiction is nothing to sluff off, when we die, our story stops, over, nothing, except the words and memories of “others” sure you dead, in heaven perhaps? that is another story..

This is serious business, we have become lackadaisical  in our health, we have become sheep, at least I was, Cancer and the whole Medical Dynasty has opened up my eyes to a huge health problem, heart attacks are caused by diet, the food you eat, can and will kill you, or make you well. FOOD IS MEDICINE

Way back in high school a  Science teach, Welch or something at Canyon high, said that food was a drug, at the time, I was taking any drug that came my way, the illegal kind, anyway, he was so right and so inciteful, One other thing that he had elicited in my brain, was how much we do not know, his query, is think of “space” now try to comprehend how and where it could end, and you have an inkling to infinity. seems like a small word, yet it is mind boggling.

Granted, We know lots, lots, but do you know why we know lots? because we go to school, no, The wheel has already been invented. small little prophesy, right? We had the same brains 300 years ago that we have now, 800 years ago, the only real changes is in Technology, We are in the information, speed travel age. civilization has been passed down though all these years.

OK, maybe I am not getting my point across,  IMAGINE THIS:  say  that history is erased, maybe delete everything from 100  years ago/  nothing zilch, deleted, what kind of social Norms then? what kind of society?  So much of what we know, has been passed down, We think we have free will, but we are of circumstance, what was yours?

ok enough gobbly gook.

I mainly was thinking of my cousin, who has grandkids, he has so much to offer, to pass down to them. Well so many people have reasons to live to change,

It is hard, I had a backslide, the last few days, after hanging all the drywall and texturing, I was exhausted, so I indulged in extra milk and bread/butter, MY body NO Like!!

setbacks are the norm. I want to live, to battle and fight my way to a decent old age, I want to hike the mountain when I am 90, I do not want to die bedridden or in some nursing home, Id rather jump into the being sea and perish, than to have my corpse wither away in some group home.

Balance the earth and Wind.

I foster strength from my Native roots, to live for the land of the land. we are blessed with this earth.

what kind of existence do we want? we must ask ourselves, what we like?  to be subjected to the opinions of others? that my friend is a huge trap.

I see so many older people who have become the megaphones of others, they are Pawns, sheep, such wasted energy. I am in a transformation of sorts, to be able to make changes in my life on what I see of other lives. I had been stuck in a loop, of having to make the mistake myself, well guess what buttercup, I am running out of mistakes and time. I am considered a senior citizen, WOW, that some times is odd, I am still a kid, ask anyone who thinks they know me 🙂

To be spouting off about the republican party, democratic party or whatever, these maybe valid issues, but look hard, look real hard, like and Eagle, look hard. who mind do you think you are changing, do you think, you are making a positive difference, in your grandkids, you children, or are you just making noise? for me? when I hear someone spouting off on facebook, even on issues that I agree, it still has a negative edge to it. spreading poison. spreading division, not the parties, but within your own family, how can I not spread division, but build up family ties, mine are loose and unravel, I feel detached from my family. I have to come to grips, with reality, just because I want better relationships with everyone, it is a task, that is….  well it can be a huge waste of time and failure. Even the closest of family. I know that sharing my life stories is best, NOT MY OPINONS OF LIFE, yet I feel compelled. like RAMSES in the ten Commandments, 🙂

I am a TV child of the 70’s love that brainwashing tool.

ok here are some of my diet hacks.

Fasing is the key, to be able to fast.

I have done many, perhaps being a fisherman, has helped, maybe not, as it did promote “hard eating” anyway, you will never or at least it will be a long time burning all that extra fat off, without fasting. think of it as poison, feel it, get to know it, we ignore it, if your like me, you look in the mirror and straight on, it not so bad, turn your body and  look at your profile, in a double mirror, do you like what you see? I never did, I just forgot about it as soon as I could

fasting is key, this is the only way that you will get the weight off, and be able to reset your diet habits.

my other trick:  Colon cleanse, I used the saltwater cleanse, many times, it taste awful, but you get immediate results. we have so much crap in our intestines, you wll see stuff come out that has been there forever, you will even feel lighter, maybe even lightheaded. this was a trick I used many times to start a fast.

I am not even sure of the medical benefits, it is mostly mental, as you see the garbage in your stomach, pour out, you are walking around with all that shit in your bowels day in and day out.

it gives new meaning to the term “full of shit”

IF I sound harsh, it is not you, its me, this is what I said to myself, I was full of shit, believing I was ok, being obese, or overweight, guess what else?

after draining your colon, eating is not the first thing on your mind, it will help you get through the worst 48 hours, usually just after your first sleep, the key time is being able to sleep, without eating.

The next best move, concentrate on getting into ketosis, fat burning mode, I used the stips the first time, and I would keep moving, keep your mind busy, body busy, push push. I usually ran or swam, but recenlty, after watching college courses, the best thing is to lift weights, it burns that shit off, not as fast as ketosis, you will feel your body becoming a burning machine. my best was 10 days, but since learing about the 400 pound fat man. (using electrolytes, he fasted more than a year without food) no food for a whole year. true story

I know I could do more, but I am close at 170, just 10 15 more pounds of fat, this summer perhaps.

It is up to you how much you want to lose, just remember, that when you stop fasting, you stop losing weight, I like to think of starvation, or people that have starved or perhaps the people of the bataan death march, or the holocaust, that is true suffering, mine is just a case of self imposed dieting.

here is my other hack, when you get too tired too lightheaded, maybe your not getting enough baking soda water, whatever, that is a new trick, it is the most important electrolyte.

I would with to the Atkins fat fast, which consisted of macadamia nuts, cream in my coffee and little else, o yeah cream cheese.

when I would eat that first bite of canned salmon, it was like magic, you could feel the energy. (my western diet, had made fish, unpalatable)

I do not believe in the whole meat only diet, although it works, it is unsustainable, for me.  blueberries, salads, keto salads, no potatoes, well yes to sweet potato fries cooked in olive oil, is one of my favorite starchy foods. these diets, meat and fat only are good, but only as a transition, to a more balanced healthy diet of protein fruits and vegetables. there is a good book that explains this diet the PETOnic diet eye think, dr harmen. it has a good story, but it makes the mistake of thinking that the mindset of having your cake and eating it too, can be done for true eaters.  faking cake or foods, that are bad, is just as bad, my opinion, fake pancakes, fake cheese cake, your  fooling yourself, you have to reset your food habits, it is madicene, yes it is madness.

My goal is to eat as the inuit or Natives did, yet the clams and food that was once a mainstay, is poison, red tides, I think created to enslave, just as the American Bison was slaughtered to remove the food source of the American Indian, the clams have been poisoned. dark thoughts fuck you dr Amen, I can change, but you can not wash that shit off, I yam that I yam

O a few more hacks, that I have learned, Green Tea, drink lots of green team, being hydrated is so important and it burns fat, the professor said so!!

Garlic, Ginseng, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Cumin are your friend,  I will sometimes just put a spoonful in my mouth and eat it, or make a tea with a tea spoon and mix and drink, scientific to treat inflammation. not voodoo. it keeps the cravings away, if you about to eat a poison sandwich. it would be much easier without life’s stresses, and perhaps I am too late for myself, a life of drinking, well a half life, 7 years of smoking cigarettes, stage 4 throat cancer, and now hypothyroidism, maybe have me going to an early grave, but I feel good, and am optimistic.

if your life is so stressful, that you can not escape the impulse to stuff your face, then get out, whatever you do, get out, escape, start over, your life depends on it.

I had a pretty optimistic view of all people, maybe that is why I need to  watch all the crime show on tv, people are people, some are bad, some are lost, but we are people of circumstance, created by society, created by lack of family or family. we can change our “MOLD”   ok enough of my bullshit, I just had to get out there a piece on how, I think about diet, I am still learning, and still in a battle,  I am no longer fat dumb and  happy, maybe have an edge of who gives a fuck what you think, mentality, an edge, that i had not had since my young school days.  you  are either for or against me. I accept no middle ground. the line has been drawn. see people for what they are, for how they act toward you. see the truth. so many petty things in life, it is too bad that family can be the poison, when it should be the cure. HOW CAN I BE A BETTER ROLE MODEL: HOW CAn EYE? CAN EYE? yes I can, It is personal growth. I am Richard on the Side, on your side

Ok well I need to tell you a hard truth, you are already on a diet, your just stuck at a certain weight, like me, I am at 170 175, but I want to be at 150 to 160,  The truth is that you are mainting your weight, if you are at a steady 220, and not gaining, you are on a diet. you can almost certainly maintain the same diet, at 180

seems ludicrous I know, but in reality, If you wanted to you can balloon up to 300, that is way out of control, but  it is as simple as that!! well kida.

exercise is good for you, but it really has nothing to do with maintaining weight, unless you want to have to keep it up indefinitely. give yourself a break, it is more important to eat healthy, I am done with diet posting for now, I hopefully will post again when I fast down to 160, a ten pound loss. The Force be with you young skywalker