I know, there is nothing more important than taking care of my body, my brain, my thoughts.

I have been doing this intermittent fast for a long time now. I had been doing it back since the days of working as a carpenter in Anchorage, after I started my first Atkins regime, went from 235 to 185, I am now around 180. I still feel fat, not obese, and according to my new Renphro app, I am I need to be below 172.  I had gotten down to 165, but that was during my cancer treatment, you I think, most of my ills, are related to the cancer treatments, when I dont feel good, it feels just like when I was getting my infusions of cisplatin, the chemo poison. My thyroid seems to go in and out of whack on a consistent basis, and the only respite is to eat less, yes it works, I know that if I eat less than 800 calories a day, I will feel good, most of the time, but I do like to gulp down food, and guzzle milk.  I must say, that I like being happy about my body, more, but it is a neck and neck race, excuse the pun, my neck cancer will be always present, it wont let me forget, pesky, when they cut up your neck, cutting out the cancer. I believe that Cancer makes us crave sugar, our bodies go out of whack, the cancer makes you crave the thing that is killing you.

had three oranges last night, woke up guilt free and feeling good, ran out of milk, had some unsweetened Almond milk, its not the same as the good Organic, delicious whole milk from Costco.

I really think it is good for me, it is supposed to have the Omega 3’s the same that is in the fish, but my problem is overindulging. I am getting a handle on it, only when I drink too much, do I suffer some consequences, like gerd, is it gurd..  and start to gain weight, but it makes my body feel strong as an OX, maybe as smart too :/

O O I got some new supplements, now I am not endorsing these, as I am a whimster, but I found these reading the new Tony Robbins book, my quick review, it is full of rich people stuff, that lowly workers like me can not afford, like stem cells, wow, it made me want some. Most of the stuff is very expensive, and the book is riddled with product endorsements, even attacking others. his Ego is bigger than the hoover dam, but as with most of these New integrative medicine endorsers, they have to build their empires somehow, and  he does give away some stuff for the common worker bee.  I bought a bottle of MNM with resveratrol,  vitamin k2+d3  and some apple cider vinegar infused with Keto BHB salts. These are changing the lives of mice everywhere, they have not human trials, but they work in mice, well, some of them work on humans, the salts BHB, and the d and k vitamins, they are endorsed by IVy league studies. I buy everything from Amazon, but try to check the reviews, and the review numbers, percents and read some bad reviews, although like the good ones, they could be compactors reviews, or fake reviews from friends.

anyhoo.  they seem to work, on my last “milk binge”  I gained 5 pounds, but my belly circumference did not get as big as last time. I went up to 40″ which is unhealthy, hard stopping, system shut down poisoning of oneself.

I can feel the keto effect, even a little flu, its called keto flu, I dont mind it, because it tells me it is working, it is so hard to get into ketosis, when your not fat, when I was fatter, it was pretty easy, but as I work toward human health, it is much harder. I am looking forward to doing some construction work, I should be able to burn down to 170, and still keep my muscles. not like the pathetic 165 that  treatments gave me, I was  a broken shell, poison is not a good thing, but I am still alive, so I will rejoice in life. “LOng live King Richard” 🙂

I need to work on my life phase 2 I think I want to spend summers in Alaska, or most of it anyway, also Washington State, I have decided against North Dakota, that would be a mistake for me.

I would like to be able to live in California during the winter, but they have more storms than Arizona, and very expensive. my new business venture is in the works, well its in me head, been  formulating for years, and working towards that end. if it doesn’t happen in my 60’s its not going to happen, but I know it is not important in the overall scheme of things, finding a good balance with me Sweet Mary and all me family is key, but not the key, finding a balance within my self is the true key, and that comes with a healthy body.

O O   I got a new scope for me rifle, me new 1968 Bar 30-06,  I just could not see the iron sights, I painted them, but still could not get a good bead, blind as a fucking bat.  it would have been good close up, say within 50 yards, but I need to make clean kills. in my heart I dont want to kill any beasts, but I have to know, we all come with a sticker, that says the end, or a toe tag if you prefer

I have to accept life and death as  part of life, I still dream with my dad showing up, sometimes others too. When I get discouraged or want to be mad at those i love, think what if…..   then think again. Life is precious, but so is death. life and death. I have accepted my ending, well, that is is inevitable, and to trust God, whomever he may be…..


with friends like that, who needs enemies

I found out what Olympic weights mean;0  its all in the hole, my whole life of working, thought weights were a waste of energy, but they serve a purpose of keeping our bones strong and keeping our fat down, so I embrace my small weight regime.  now I have to buy some adapters or a new olympic bar, actually I already purchesed teh adapter, for those of you out of the know: Olymic weights have a 2″ hole in the weights as apposed to a 1″ hole and the bars the same respectfully.

go figure.