Symptoms, shmimtoms, who needs them, your  TSH levels high, but your T4 is ok, so all your Hypothyroidism is all in your head, or your heart, or your dry flaky skin, or your nails, that are brittle, or perhaps in your hair that refuses to grow, much….. yeah that is the consensus

That is not the worst part, it gets better, or for worse, 🙂

anyway, this all started a year ago, well about 15 months ago, diagnosed by some testing place, I had hypothyroidism, then again in the Emergency room, after my heart was feeling real freaky, but then they have some Indian stooge call me and say, no you dont have it, your fine.

I go on  my merry way until this year, about 3 months ago, I noticed my heart acting weird again, and the lazy syndrome, which I just pushed through like the good soldier that I am.

I had been self treating with some Magic Marijuana oil that I purchased on the Dark Web, its true, there is a dark web and I used it, after a bunch of work, very risky, even with a VPN, (not recommended for average joe schmo, or even me, but I did it anyway My first notion was to dump the MJ, and I did threw it all out, and stopped my meds, well my body, mind pleasing meds, Mary jane.

A month later, still having symptoms, even went back to the Indian Hospital. they did an x-ray of my heart, found nothing alarming, decided since I had an appointment at the Mayo, he decided not more test were needed, even though I had Government Insurance and they could have filled up some coffers from all the uninsured indians from all over the state, dumb, Perhaps. Most hospitals will keep you in there as long as possible and test the shit out of an insured patient.

so I had emailed my ENT the symptoms and told her in person, that I thought it was my thyroid again. the symptoms were all there. my heart is acting like it might explode, or just go limp and quit working, hard to explain, but the hair, nails and very dry skin are indicative of Hypothyroidism.

Now, let me state for the record, this is not a personal attack on this doctor, no way, she earns every penny, she is sweet nice, honest. she looked like a frognman, with all the gear she had on, I was thinking this would kill an older doctor, anyway.

She made sure to schedule the MRI or neck imaging, as it is the bread and butter of these hospitals, and she mentioned the physical therapy, but had forgotten about the blood test and my insistence of thyroid issues, but she did order them, and after sitting in the waiting room for an hour and half, while patients came and left, I finally asked what was up with my blood test, OOOPS sorry mr  SIME  in off.  well instead of a full thyroid workup they just did a tsh and t-4, and the results were high TSH but normal range t4, never taking into account that my symptoms  are very worrisome and problematic for me. This is the STAUS QUO, not some rouge doctors advise, but the NORM, and that if fine and dandy for them… where does it leave me, well this sparked my internet sleuth skills.

This is a grea area, high TSH, normal T4, but it is usually diagnosed with a full thyroid workup, with a focus on symptoms, and can be called   sub-hypothyroidism, I mean it is nice that i have become a machine, that does not need much food, but a potential frail one, now  the tricky part, because of the usual prescribed dose, they may be right, as the “NORMAL” treatment can be just as risky, especially me being on the lower end of high, still with me?

Since they cant make money on supplements, which seem to be the course of action, I assume (make and ass out of u and me) they just send people like me on their merry way, that probably better than starting to remove body parts 🙁

I have found many many sites, that all confirm, my thyroid is failing, it is just a matter of time, it could just be a mineral vitamin deficiency, I do not want to take drugs, but I have not problem supplementing my diet, with food, food is medicine, not doubt, have another donut, or pizza. love good pizza, used to love good pizza.

do they even order a blood test to see if I am deficient, not sure, but it probably all controlled by the insurance companies and the AMA, do you still think private medicine is the way of the future?  I do not. look at this Corona VIrus, look hard, watch some documentaries, the only reason they have a vaccine, is because our government is going bankrupt financing it, while big pharma, and hospitals, are raking it in. What difference does It make if you can choose your own doctors, if they all are under the same rules? unless you can afford an expensive Immuno special doctor and dont need Insurance, like the whole of Washington DC Political sheep of big money, they can afford to pay someone to find real cures, well most of them, we behind the eight ball on cancer because of it.

I surmise, they really do not want people to grow old, and have to pay them social security and feed them, work them to death, hopefully they die early, before they stop working.

Ok, so I have found lots of info, but now I need to figure out how to treat this by myself, well she is making an appointment with an endocrinologist, but I have little faith as her message, conveyed, its NORMAL. normal? really?

I have found some good sites, of course they want high dollar for thier supplements, but they can all be bought at a health food store, you can even buy the dog version of the most prescribed medicine for hypo, but that would be last resort, most have the same stuff, but beware of the pig hormone ones, maybe last resort.

kelp tumeric and a few other things, perhaps, it is just the iodine, as I use lots of garlic salt, but not much iodized salt, just a hunch.

We live in a black hole, most of us are sheep, I have been one, my whole life, but when you step back and look hard… see the truth. Make no mistake, i have had a good life, I even relish the madness, the journey, I lived, I still live, I will fight on. I do like to be liked, but not at the cost of my soul, unless it is for ROCK and ROLL,  dance dance dance, I just want to dance the rest of my life away. did you see the shit show in Washington D.C. well Trump got his payback, but he had to become part of the swamp to do it. more wasted tax dollars. Biden looks and sounds like his is giving his own obituary, where do I stand in line for food stamps?