It is quite blustery today,  cloudy and supposed to rain.

I got a new scale, I stepped on the old one wrong, and it broke the glass, this new one is pretty cool, got it on Amazon for 40 bones. it has bluetooth, so I stand on it and it gives me my weight, but it also has an app, that had me enter in all my measurements. my bmi is 26, but I knew that, and the fact, that I am still overweight, up to 185, which for me is not too bad, but still 20 lbs over, my ideal weight, but the good news, I am at 16% body fat, which is supposed to be good. I put my goal at 13% and my goal for weight at 160,  I gained 5 lbs over night, we had steak and garlic mashed potatoes last nigh :/  delicious, I was gulping down the mashed like a sea gull, yummy, I knew last night, I was packing it on. I felt horrible, and the ate a beet, I really like Fresh beets, they are so healthy, and they taste good too, dont care for the red fingers.

got some more bills for my hospital stay, it kept me awake for a little while, I had to think it through, I am still mad as hell, I really hate hospitals, doctors and the whole system, I really do.

I am going to fight them, at least a little, I kept going back to that doctor, she was talking me into going to another hospital, that had a heart specialist, I told her I did not want to go, she insisted in saying you dont want to go home to die? as she had me sign the papers,

I know I was being cheap going to the Indian hospital, no deductible, I know they are the lowest service possible, but I also know they will not do useless test and then charge my insurance and a hefty deductible.

She talked me into it, my heart starts to go too slow, and it gets uncomfortable, I have had  a few workups, check at other hospitals, This time, I had just been diagnosed with Covid, so I looked up they symptoms and they said if you have chest pressure to contact your doctor.

I went to the Phoenix Indian hospital, because it was free, or it is supposed to be for Native Americans, but I always get some shit, for looking too white.

They have become as forked tongue as the white man, with their having you sign papers that say your not eligible for services.
again, it is not the people, its the “tools” the Native workers, demanding my blood quantum card, my tribal affiliation.

the doctors are  the worst tools.

Anyway, got that off my chest, I will post the whole story below, I decided not to waste too much time and energy on this bullshit.

I just have to accept it as my choice to get in that ambulance, I ended up walking back the next day, after demanding to be released. still pissed.

My problem is still my thyroid, I just cant get a handle on it, it makes my heart do weird things, I have gotten better, it clears up when I do a fast, but when I over sugar (milk) or over calorize (butter) my 2 favorite foods, I feel the effects. dry skin, my nails start to crack and my heart seems to be floating and mushy, but when I visited the Indian Doctor, who’s name is Dr. WHITE

now that is ironic, right?

anyway, I made the mistake of telling this other Asian Doctor, it seems they have a lock on Doctor jobs in Native Hospitals, why is there not any Naive Doctors? WTF were, they think were too dumb.

We get to be nurse, receptionist, or painter.

or worse yet, We get the dumbest most corrupt to run our Tribes, or worse we get the whitest, which is just as bad as corrupt, unless they are going to make the whole team better, not just themselves.

A baseball team is only as strong as its weakest player.

That should be the focus, not profit, or profitability, the young, the old, Schooling for all Natives. The food supply, we just as fat and unhealthy as the rest of America, we are destroying this planet and the Native Corporation at the top of this list, we lost our culture, hunting, fishing, gathering.  we are still a second class citizen, I would argue a 5th class, after the English, Irish, Italian, African American, Mexican American, ,Asian, middle eastern and even Mexican. I think they still think of the whole thing as cowboys and Indians.

Ok thats it for my vent. hahah well back to work.  whine whine whine of me getting back to work to pay for the fucking crooked system, I vow to die on the street before I let them hacks get another dollar from me. I might end up paying 1300 for  a 3 mile ride, and another 5 grand for a night in a smelly room, but, Never ever again, I still have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me, with that much money, I could have gotten the right treatment from an integrative doctor.

I say fuck you to all the native people whos’ primary purpose is to make a profit, instead of being for the Earth, and living a happy healthy life. the rain is here and I had fun writing this bullshit.

if I stand for anything it is that we are fucked, but big corporations,  HOSTPITAL, BEEF SUPPLIERS GENERAL MILLS CAR SUPPIERS WALL STREET GREED ARTIST we are all just sheep  in the wind, well gots to get my slave as back to work.

let me say, that it is not “white people” if you think that your stupid, its your fucking government, and no term limits,  the other big thing, Is these “secret Donors”  these are the ones that control everything, the voting bullshit, the mexicans, everything and anything they can use as a smoke screen is what all you sheep care about. they would need a border wall if they made it illegal to hire illegal people. they can give you a ticket for no seat belt, make you wear a mask.

the food supply is tainted, your all a bunch of stupid fat fucks

the more you eat, the dumber you become, true fact.

that was for all you, saying, look at the science, that is a scientific fact, they now call it type 3 diabetes