This is my story and what I know about my Alaska Native heritage, I belong to 2 Corporations, One is my village, which is Uganik Natives, and the other is Koniag. first I will go over what I know about Uganik, it is the one I am most familiar with. Uganik Natives started with an original shareholder list of about 30 shareholder, but has grown to over a 100 (I am not checking facts, this is information off the top of my head) I will try to confirm. The Corporation’s Main asset is 750 acres in uganik Bay Alaska, which is about 1 square mile. The Corporation was created under the Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1972. The main shareholders are family members. I will post documents and information that I have collected over the years. We also have a small parcel across raspberry straight in Kodiak, I will try to keep to the facts as I know them and limit my opinions, but will provide them on my Native Family page, which also has land in the dame area approx 160 acres. One parcel adjacent to Uganik Natives, and the other across the bay.


Koniag is a much larger Corporation and has thousands of shareholders. this is my Regional Corporation.