Ok, so I have been having these health issues for quite sometime.  I have been to the Emergency room 4 times  with heart problem, well they did not find anything, but my  chest had been feeling very uneasy, with dizzy spells and just lethargic at time. I drink coffee by the gallon.

they have said on several occasions, I have a slow heart beat, I just have not felt right, but the soldier that I am keep powering through, I mean I can work and hike all day no problem, but when I am at rest, is when it gets bad, so I had been thinking all in my head,  but even when working, i had neck spasms, that were debilitating, one time up on a beam, I had to hug the beam to not fall.

I had been feeling funny and saw a facebook ad, for affordable testing, anyway I went for  a test and they said I had hypothyroidism. I was like wtf, anyway I went to the phoenix Indian Center the next time my heat was acting up, or I was feeling sickly.  they said  yes I do have htr. ok, so they took some blood test.  Well they called and then changed to no you dont have HT. so I went on my Mary way.  I felt ok, after fasting and restricting my diet, but eventually, I started to slack and enjoy eating a little more, yadda yadda yadda.  So here I am again, feeling sick as a dog, my skin felt like leather that has gotten wet, then hardened, my head hair, and facial hair, had quit growing, almost completely, especially in the back, but overall, my nails, looked like the Ocean coastline from above, they were brittle crackled and just kinda icky. I was listless and lacked motivation. but not only that, I started to get severe titinuss, which I always have, but it had gotten almost blaring. ( My hearing has gone bad, they gave me a prescription for  a hearing aid) ;/ and I was having neck and head pains, all stange, unexplainable. these were all my symptoms, So I made an Appointment with the Mayo Clinic, supposedly non-profit, but we all know it means big salaries. (I was truly staring to believe I was somehow being poisoned).

I get my appointment with a new doctor, she  is in full Goggles, and wearing a big mask, I could hardly hear her, actually only got a few words, they did the thing where they stick the camera down my throat and charge a few thousand dollars, which is not  a way to find cancer unless it is on the surface, they found my original cancer with a sonogram. I am telling her all my symptoms and that I had a high TSH, that was never resolved. I told her that a few times.  I had before that looked online and found out the symptoms, which were inline with they hypothyroidism, I was almost reluctant to make an appointment with them, as they seem only interested in billing, or expensive testing, We have insurance, but even the deductible is hundreds. She had promised me she would get me to the right specialist, the only thing she was going to do was schedule an MRI.  I had to ask twice to get the thyroid test.  I had told her all my symptoms. my tsh was 15 not extremely high, but way above norm, which in all the literature I have found, is indicative of  a failing thyroid.

I have no Idea how much money was spent on my cancer, but it was enough to buy our house and have money left over, just like I had learned during the whole cancer affair, the mainstream treatments are based on maximus profits.

They actually acted like they were going to help me through post care and all the stuff that goes with cancer recovery, but it seemed they were only interested in charging for that damn scope, which can only show surface cancer, and my cancer was never on the surface. The worst part is that, the what to watch for list includes the thyroid after having radiation, its like they dont even follow their own script.

no that is not the worst part.  the worst part, is that they should Know, the symptom of high TSH, and the side effects of Radiation. I believe now, that my thyroid was damaged from the get go. The notes she wrote, do not include any of the symptoms, that I had told her, only a few vague ones.  I will go into more detail in all this on my cancer page.  for instance, I had to go online and find my TSH was high again, yet she indicated, since my 4 and 3 were within range, I did not require treatment,  I said, but i have symptoms, I feel sick, except,that I fasted for 10 days and got to feeling and back to “normal”

Now I bought this book
(the thyroid solution third Edition) and have done lots of research on the thyroid, and it turns out, many people are undiagnosed, and untreated because of this kind of doctoring. I still they they mad, because I did not let them cut me open and put a feeder  tube in my stomach. that book is written by a endocrinologist, and has all the symptoms and effects, and how the “normal” range is speculative at best, but it also, says, HIGH TSH is bad new, especially with symptoms.  I am still mad, what am I supposed to do, treat myself, that is what it has come to.

I see they are building another giant addition to their already Mega hospitals, more people to dupe, all in the name of billing? big pharma? man the whole sheep thing has reared its head again.  WE should have known, O and in my defense, one of the symptoms, is  mental decline, so there is not way I can just sit back and die, while they refuse to treat me correctly

Fortunately for me, I was able to get an appointment at the Indian hospital, what do people that have no Insurance do?  I mean, if they wont treat someone with Insurance or the INdians for thyroidism, unless, it has failed, they seem to turn a blind eye to this disease.

So I gots an appointment with the Indian place after going in for a frozen shoulder. I tested high TSH again. and low end of normal on t3 and t4,  but after insisting, that i had problems, that I am only eating 800 calories or less a day and cant lose weight and actually gain weight, they relented and wrote me a prescription.

here is another good1  so the doc calls and tells me he is going to give me the t3, well that is the normal prescription for hypo, anyway he also tells me my cholesterol is also high, do i want to go on a statin?  I DONT KNOW WHAT KIND OF CONTINUING TRAINING DOCTORS ARE SUPPOSED TO GET, but one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is high cholesterol, no kidding. I have been watching lots of videos on the whole integrative medicine and diets, and the problem is there is no regulation, you only have your gut, or being able to confirm, from several sources, and a lot of this stuff is located in studies.  So if you get sick, your had better know how to search and decipher, because, the mainstream treatment is all based on effect or symptoms, nothing is caused based.

So here I sit at my computer… wondering if my high fat and protein based diet with daily greens, is going to kill me because I have high cholesterol, I really dont see any option, in a perfect world, I would be able to afford one of these intergrative expert doctors, but instead, your can call mE dktr rich ARd 😉