Well that was a nightmare,  I really have no idea how I contracted Covid16, I am a classic social distancer, I do not like close talkers (Seinfeld) never have, but during the infection time, I really was not close enough, yet I got COVID19, It makes me reassess my whole game plan, The dark side in my say, I was purposely infected somehow, yet that theory does not hold water, as there is no who/where/why answers to be had, my best explanation is giving my red blood cells, when we went to donate at the catholic Church in Mesa, they asked my to do a super RED donation, they like the 0+ juice, anyway, even thought they can be considered infallible, They are only HUMANS 2. If I did not get it there, giving up my Powerful Red cells, certainly, left me with a weaker immune response, no matter how my they say it does not, their answer can only be under objection, as they are benefiting from blood donation, and it would be counterproductive to say otherwise.

But the old adage about crying about spilled milk come to mind, complaining after the fact. I do believe I got a hybrid strain of Covid mixed with a bacteria.  I had phlegm, major congestion, the green phlegm, tells me, it was bacteria, the positive Covid test, says it was both, and that could be perhaps the way I got it. You see bacterial can live long on things, not sure if it can keep the virus alive longer too, but this is a real threat, that the great News MEDIA has yet to even broach. The Positive results message, does say, you are positive for Covid, and it may also contain other contaminants. My attention to detail may also what put me in the emergency room, it also says to contact your provider if you have chest pressure, well I had chest pressure, which I just thought was a lung infection, but once I got my positive results, it seemed to be more problematic. Well I called the clinic, they sent to me voicemail, so I went to the Indian hospital. they do a great job of checking you out, well within their rules.

This is where the darkness of our Medical society comes into play. The Covid deal is a boon for hospitals, this is money they can get, without the whole insurance, pre-existing, pre-approval, the list goes on and on, The ER nurse, talked me into being transferred to Abrazo hospital, which has a Cardiology program. At this point, I had no Idea, what Covid could do to your heart,  she implied, my heart could have been damaged by Covid after being sick with it the previous days, so I relented. The ambulance ride, was just short of a comic routing abbot and Costello movie. the man and women team, seemed to be the 3 rd string ambulance team, which finally got a patient to transfer, after getting my on the lumpy out of balance gurney, they “buckled me it” which consisted of nothing that would actually stop me from falling over the side. I had to do everything to stay balanced as it seemed I was ready to slide right off the side, granted, dead weight is much easier on a gurney as apposed to balanced dog weight, someone laying prone, lifeless on a gurney as apposed to a rigid dog standing on a gurney. Even in my weekend state, I could have easily just jumped off and got in my car and left, which crossed my mind, especially as the female worker could was wheezing at even just walking, I thought, she is a thousand more times likely to die right now that me. They were both very nice, and they did get me to ABRAZO in one piece.

The Room they put me in was A+  I had been in hotels far less accommodating. the lady nurse was very nice, she took my phone to get charged. I fell asleep it was about 1am in the morning, I was woken up 4 times during the night,  none of them were very nice, I felt like I was being tortured, only one of them actually took vitals, the rest was gestapo questioning. This got me to thinking about my prior nightmare nurses, and also the optometrist that was charging my insurance for things, I had not been tested or agreed to. the though crossed my mind, what they decide they want another sugar patient?  Covid patients are like the golden spoon. I heard some hearsay, they were getting a million per death. wtf, my mind was racing, I fell asleep thinking, got to get out of here…

I awakened by a nigh mare flash of something coated with rancid looking scum, the picture  engraved on my brain, I must say, the place was extremely clean and there was nothing that warranted the flash image, except perhaps the dirty Indian hospital bathroom, which did concern me, especially since I was dragging my heart probes along for the journey.

The pressure in my chest was gone, the one bossy nurse sealed the deal, and my thoughts and the flash, plus I was getting my jiz back, I’m getting out of here, it seemed if they were going to make me wait this long, I might as well do outpatient, although, if I had a heart issue, but I told her I have no problem running a mile with out stopping for full sprints, but better safe than sorry, and I do think they make bookoo bucks on those Covid rooms. Passing the buck?  not sure.

WE think of doctors above reproach, but that is more than stupid thinking, it is deadly. I can not count the times a doctor has stated to me as fact, something I later was able to ascertain as not being truthful, or just completely wrong, one case and point, The doctor that prescribed me my thyroid medicine, had no idea, that it also lowers cholesterol, But the real truth, Medicine is a varied profession, and some of the doctors might be trained, say in the 80’s, well they have not evolved to the 90’s or to today, or on the latest medical advances, especially when it come to IHS, they are  like dark age doctors, anyway I am safe at home again, took rhaegar for his rollerblade trip, he was chomping at the bit,  bounce bounce, happy dog.

Anyway, it was not fun, even with the vaccine, I will not be donating any blood, and for sure no Super RED,  selfish, well they say you have to take care of yourself, before you can help anyone else,  I am glad my immune system held up. I work at keeping it in top shape, the only weak point was giving my reds up. they take 6 weeks to replenish.


Do red blood cells fight infection?

No, red blood cells do not fight infection. The blood cells that fight infection are white blood cells, also known as leukocytes

so they say 🙂

So they released me, YAY, without ever doing a heart workup or anything other than an IV and another cardiogram, problem was, the other hospital was over 6 miles away as the crow flies, it was hot and sunny out, being the social distancer that I am, decided to walk, and get some vitamin D and exercise after being in hospital jail, it was good to be free. I dont how people live in these cites, people everywhere, every nook and cranny. dirty air, noxious fumes everywhere. homeless vagabonds abound, yet they are everyone, in every city, I just can not fathom of a life in the city. The people were nice enough, at least 10 people had said a mutual hi to me, or how are you doing, Yet in the back of my mind was what me and Sweet mary always say, the majority of the gunfights are on the West side, at least the ones they report, I really did not see anyone  who made my Spidey senses kick into high gear, yet they were on full detection status, no it was life as usual for all these people, the light rail seemed to be having a bumper crop of riders, I wonder if they all pay, or if people just jump on and off at will for free, seemed like a coved transfer station, wild horses could not have gotten me on those, it did my body good walking 2.5 hours in the heat, got my tan on, and sweated out some of the toxins, when I got to my car, I felt relief, off to the bat cave!!

turned the heat off and worked on sweating out some more toxins, we dont have many banyans in Arizona, except for one of my Russian customers, but a car with the windows rolled up and no AC, will suffice, it was a little tough, but felt good to sweat it out, today life goes on, in quarantine until the Nov. 3 , Jt tested Negative, waiting on Sweet Mary, I just realized, SM, could be confused with Sweet Mary, or shavon Mersing, silly duck I am, well alive and well, back to challenging life on life’s terms, BRING IT ON!!