Everything is ass Que

No escape, not for me, maybe a little of that pie

went for a 3 mile Rollerblade trip around the block with Our pup Sophia, she is an expert, not sure if I can get the “RAHGAR” to comply, but I will try.

Just taking a break from working on RSJ website, not much to say, well … yeah. o I have deleted Facebook and Instagram for the time being, it is not difficult, except the times when have free time, but usually can figure some question, that I want to know, I did watch a course on the great courses about how “Scientist” have been doing “experiments” on people over the years and the first one was Facebook and Instagram, It was in conjunction with the app makers. The long story short, everything is monitored and they proved they can alter your mood WTF yeah it is true, and they do, I started getting sick of the negative ads, but after un-following the too political, I just had, well nothing, no that is not true, there was ADS, specific to me, if I searched anything, then next login it was there, on sale. how convenient. :/

The Great Mask debate continues, I wear one, sometimes…. when Im talking to anyone, since I have been in isolation forever, not much.

hmm on a side not, just got out of the pool and am itchy, I think i got too much chorine in it…. maybe the good lord will take me today… probaly not and since im no quitter.. life goes on… for now

well since being hit with a ultimatum, I have been cdb free, and miserable, probably because Im coming down form the shakes, how long does this misery last, its been a week, and I was just casual at night to sleep and pain management, but at least peace is restored :/

on a side note, I had 5 pairs of glasses, to be able to see computer/reg/reading in one, now I carry 2 pairs. somehow I lost them in the house. blame the new dog, I guess. I know Im a retard. that really does not hurt, the glasses do, and since my spidey senses are not at full tilt the little things seem big, dont sweat the small things, well you lost 5 pairs in 2 weeks and say, dont sweat the small things insane in the membrain, 🙂 poor poor pitiful me/ poor poor pitiful me. whoa whoa is me, that song is happening to playing right now, what a coincidence. Lord have mercy on me. ok no more dark side for today. remember ride out the bad, it is only temporary. the good is coming POOR POOR POOR ME< POOR pitiful ME. yahoo, that sparks some fun.