I always know the age of my mom, as she is 20 years older than me, when  had me when she was 20 years old and my older brother tally, when she was sweet sixteen. she is doing quite well in Maui right now, I have decided to try and visit and see her as much as I can in the coming years, I wish I could get her to see the benefit of healthy eating and lack of drink, even a  little wine can be too much. But that can be a detriment to our relationship, even if it is with good intentions, never too late, until it is.

So me and sweet Mary were able to go see her recently in Maui, I know you think what the fuck, you just wrote that you had applied for Native Covid help, yes that is true, but it is also true that we applied for and got a loan on our Mortgage at the start of Covid, unaware it would last so long, we bought the tickets during the start of Covid, when we were still sitting on our Equity money.

So anyway, we had a good visit, she has a walker and she zooms around, we had the best breakfast at a place in kihei, you have to wait in line, but it goes fast, we spent some time at D.T.  fleming beach.  I got to remembering back on years gone by, she was alway there for us. whether it was brining gatorade for the whole team in baseball or showing up at our swim competitions, when was the one who pushed me to get a high school diploma, I remember the time we were driving up the Alcan with me at the wheel and it was after a big snow storm and I spun out on the Alaskan Highway and hit a berm, or the time we were in Prince George at a bar and I ditched out for an encounter with a local girl, or the time I met one of her shipmates for another encounter, what was her name…. or the time after getting into a fight with my cousin mickey, the cops came and woke everyone up to take me to jail. we had many good times, I remember she used to share her  tip money from working on the Tustumena, she had bags full of coins, she is called gabber by all her grandkids, but she is MOM to me, and not just my brother Tollak’s. (he often says “MY MOM”

she raised some rough and tumble boys, but we wil always have sister, we all had our tough spots in life, as we all do, but to her credit, we all worked as slaves in this great country, even though it is tough not being part of the white Majority, but mixed, thanks to mom, we all have integrity and love all people, she is the motivation or the habit of not taking the status quo as the truth and seeking the truth, seeking knowledge.

OK, lets talk about MAUI

the whole nightmare of getting here, we had heard several times, the island was closed. the whole deal about quarantine and mask is strictly enforced, after reading the the munitia of the hawaii website, we saw where we could just bring out vaccination cards, or you need a recent negative covid test, but beware, the test will exempt you from most restaurants as it is the law there, and you will be denied a seat. me and Sweet Mary had a great breakfast at the https://kiheicaffe.com/menu kihei cafe link provided, I got the special and sm got the Florentine eggs benedict, both were cooked perfect, the service is impeccable, they actually police the line, as you know, there are a lot of people that think it is alright to just cut in line, or pretend they dont see it, but they police that very good. Sweet Mary actually found that part entertaining, as much so as the baby chicks running between the seats with their Mom. we took mom and homer there the day after they arrived, the food was not as perfect, maybe a different cook, but still good, and we ordered different, the special omelette was not offered this time, I tried to ordered the same, but it came without the ricotta, and that was the best part, almost like a lasagna omelet. We also ate at Outback a couple of times and they did not disappoint, very rarely do we get a bad Outback experience. the Bonzer porterhouse has been my go to steak for years, this one was razor thin, but cooked right, I actually to sw dismay and horror to the madredi ate it like a pork chop. yes with my hands. we checked the local safeway and the steaks were just as thin, for the same price as the whole outback bonzer porterhouse, which made my meal that much more enjoyable as it was still digesting in my stomach. We ate there again with Mom and homer, this time I got the ribeye, which was normal thickness, extra fat, not the taste kind, but the grisly type, but the meat was delicious, and there was some taste fat too, again well worth the value, hats off to OUtback for being able to keep pricing at pre pandemic levels 🙂

The surf and waves were a blast, now usually I had been going to Big beach or Makena as the map says, but that side of the island was flat the whole trip, except for the drive to the south end, we did not go to big beach. Our first day out, we gambled on Hookipa, which had peeps, but nobody was in the water, I asked the life guard and told him I was going to go out, it looked too busy,  5’s at 4s anyway I went out and sure enough the current was ripping, I stay out for awhile, and wanted to try out the outside, but decided not to, but 2 kids did show up and give it a try, they disappeared out of eyesight. I asked one of them, how was it, it says he got rolled and could not take a piss, hahhah  neither could eye, maybe that should be a good indicator, can’t pee, not for me. hahah

the turtles were out in force, I counted at least 10 on the beach one time, and as few as 3 another, when I was in the surf, I reached out to put my hand on some reef, and it was a turtle, it swam away, they love to toss and turn in the surf.

The next day, we decided to check out DT fleming, it was looking good, they had some decent waves in the middle, the tourist kids were at the far left, they had some warning buoys out, there was 2 surfboards and a boogie, so I decided to try my luck, they did the regular stink eye, but they were youngsters, a few trying the go right at your trick, o you can steer, dumb ass, anyway, I got the longest rides, and there was enough room for everyone, good powerful waves and I got to rid the crest on down the line, without having to do a white wash ride, witch are fun too, but not as fun and peeling with the wave. I think the Covid shot has given me some side effects, as i was getting sun sickness every night, and my skin was not tanning, even without sunscreen, which I never use anyway, I am after all inupiat, and Supiaq. that was fun, best waves, We also went to the next beach up the line, eye forget the name. but it is a long walk down some winding stairs, I got a few rides, but was unimpressed, wishy washy waves, could not seem to get the right spot. rookie still. that is a beautiful spot

My next adventure brought us back to hookipa, which was hopping with surfers, I went out, and got a few rides right off the bat on my way out, I also went to the outer line, with all the “real surfers” hoping to catch some leftovers, some shithead decided I looked like he could fuck with me, you know I got pissed probably should not have, I could have went mike tyson on his ass, but instead, just asked did some rhetorical bullshit. I have become used to the locals giving you shit, cutting your off, not giving a turn, but I am not even trying to get in line or even near the line. mfkrs. anyway, this was a clown 101, you see it in the way he just jumped in front of the line and cut off  some girl, you see, even though the girls are as good, if not better, they get seconds, these big stup brutes, have no manners, I see the girls sitting on the outskirts waiting for some leftovers, like me but only closer, after getting dumped a few times, I decided the waves inside were a much better ride anyway. got some powerful rides all the way into the beach,  had to jump into half wave wash, but after that first “THUMP” it was yahoo  fast and a rush. a word about “ask the lifeguard” before you go out, is bullshit. they are no help and have this superior attitude. I had asked, he asked me which way am i going out, I told him, and he said nothing, then I asked him, which way to go out? (this on the choppy fast surf rip day) he had nothing, and I did not go out the way i had said, after surveying the surf, I went out at a sand opening, the exact opposite, this was a regular  spot most all went out.

The worst part of our stay, was the whole Covid deal, nightmare, I thought we were out of the worst part, but mask and the sad faces are a mainstay on Maui, I did get some smiles from my puppy mask, but overall,the people are quite sour, dour and downright hostile. I guess they should have a small introduction on driving on the island, I know there was some talk of making only local drivers being able to drive, it is different, but not impossible to drive. the worst part is in kihei, where the road Kihei is. it is a typical problem, one road, not much shoulder and lots of mad  local drivers. The most poison comes from the green people, they are the ones you know that eat granola bars and sugar and are the vegan, greenpeace type, I find most of the local hawaiians to be of good nature even though, they are under the suppression of an elitist government. the jobs look like they are mostly taken by asians, or vegan shopkeepers, Most of the shops seem to be owned by a big conglomerate, after walking all of Lahaina, we came to the conclusion, that all these sales were the same price, and same product, and there were no sales, except on the mass produced junk from china. I wonder why the local Natives dont rise up and throw all these controlling government  off there island, well I know why, because We Americans are very good at shipping in enough Voters to make sure not power to the local people will ever be had, they we be treated as a welfare people and not given the future they deserve, as with the Alaskan Native peoples, still I am jealous of the American Indian for having their own communities. I love to visit reservations. that was my plug, not for money, thought.

the good hats were 30 bucks, teh cheap ones as low as 7.99 the good t-shirts 35 the cheap, 4 for 20  o well, I did pick up some stickers and a couple of Maui t-shirts from LOngs in kIheh for 11.99 a piece, ok well I have to get back to my electrical, after giving rhagear and sophie a rollerblade walk,

O and yesterday, I went down hard, smashed into my left shoulder, when navigating a curb with rhaegar, not his fault, never is, as I am the lead. had a brain fart, and down I went, still nursing some pain. I plan on adding some pictures later, after I get situated, damn, left another cameral charger… big dummy