What should be the most important thing taught? I am not sure, I used to think that it was to believe in God, and still do for me, but I think even more important, is to know that we are all in a mixer of sorts, we do not have  a choice, we are born to parents and situations, we have not control over. watching these crime shows on tv, and the lack of any real life, some people are born in to is depressing, they wonder why we have so much crime, the lack of oversight on the worlds children, we have come a long way, but there is still work to do. Most times the best we can do is to break a cycle, of abuse alcoholism, poverty, crime, abandonment, to reverse course and give our children a fighting chance. Shouldn’t Children’s rights be as important if not more important than adult rights?  Every child should be educated on the choices, that we as American have, the choice of religion, or the choice to choose monkey land, magically popped out of the mud, to know that and the type of world we live in? to have the chance to be educated, without having to be born into a certain family, or a social group?  I think we are capable of doing just that, with the internet, there does not need to be this whole jump through the government hoops, to get an education, I have seen and bought online classes, you do not have to be popular, rich, or even that smart, you can learn, at your own pace, some teachers, should not teach anything. the whole system is arbitrary, and so many things can sidetrack a child. I am sure that some people will not pick education, but it should be a clear path, either way.  babies having babies, children going to prison, the richest nation on earth, yet we still can not give all children a chance?  do we want to raise sheep, or shepherds?