Greetings Earthlings

Good Bad, ugly and pretty.

young old, sick and healthy

from dust I have risen, and to dust I shall fall

Ok, enough nonsensical chat, let’s get down to the here and now. People are a product of their environment, often unaware of how they are perceived by others, does it matter? I think not, unless you are the rotten part of the apple.

Ok, so yesterday, I learned a lesson, like always the hard way. So here it is, I was rollerblading our youngest beast, Odie the white Malamute, he is a killer of frogs, mice, rats, and anything else that dares to wonder onto our property. We come upon this man, his son, with their two dogs, one medium sized beast, and a small tiny ferocious poodle type dog, well the littlie one, was not on a leash, he saw Odie and went into attack mode, did a beeline right at him, not a good idea, Odie snapped his big canines into the little shrimps head, and the little guy, did an Immediate about face, the man kept apologizing to me, three times to be exact, I kept saying no problem, and was oblivious to the truth, I should have been the one apologizing to the man with the ferocious dog. The truth is, I know Odie is a killer, proven, as he brings them into the house, this little guy  was just a tad bigger than his usual prey, but he was still less than 1/10th is size. I should have grabbed his harness and kept him back, but in this world of being in the right, I was clueless, there is no way the little shrimp was going to hurt odie, I was more worried about him running off, as is the Rhaegar reaction, not Odie, he stood his ground, but only because the dog was tiny, he has ran before, and almost got ran over, but now I know, the correct response is to get him under control, we all have these learning experiences, and instead of taking the high ground, we can learn to be just a little bit better.