I got some good messages from my Ingram cousins. I just wish my dad was alive to know his family. there are still more to find on both my mom and dads family lines. I am finding that there are so many surprises and twist and turns. NPE can be devastating, Non Parent, meaning that the parent you thought was, was not.

I grew up with families, on both sides, I always knew that my grandfathers were not biological, but not much more. I did accept them as my grandparents, as I had no other, it would have been great to meet Fred Monson, he died young, and Joseph Ingram, only learned of him recently, The Ingrams were entrenched in Kodiak to Bristol bay, brother and Charles Ingram, my great grandfather. I wonder how many other are out there, I still looking for the Washington aberdeen connection, next time in the Seattle area, I need to check out gig harbor, where great great grandfather Joseph Shackleford Ingram had migrated after the civil war, also need to follow up on the clue that he was born in…. uh forgot, but found a doc that had a different state than Indianapolis. so many adventures. I still want to find more about my Native roots, there are at least 4 or 5, the problem is finding their name change and the indian rolls.