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Everyone, Well I guess I have to express my 2 cents. I think it is good that we have Donene to talk to Wile Hall, and anyone else that may have power to do something. We really don’t have any argument except on moral grounds. they don’t have to sign. But at lease we should be able to find out why. who knows maybe they have a good reason. but after that if they don’t sign. we are sol. I think Tim’s assertion that using the media is detrimental is “HOGWASH”. we have no other tool to use. I don’t buy the “people wont tolerate Buying Native Land” this land is for a state park and the Natives will never have it again it is forever gone. it is for all to use now. Our main goal if the present plan does not work is to bring our plight to the public forum. Ellen your connection with the paper could be useful.

if anything we need to put pressure on the state to accept the land, road use and all.  hell we can take the road use on its not being used it will never be used.

Tim Richardson is a double or Dual Agent. but you may want to say Triple agent. He wants this deal to go through probably as much if not more than we do.

but the specifics and the timeframe may not be the same. He is Representing the American land Conservancy. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, State of Alaska EVOS, and Uganik Native Corporation. do we think we are at the top of that list regarding priorities?

not a chance. the media and not signing and extension are our only moves. Maybe we were meant to sell the land to the Federal government and at least we would have Cabin rights forever. I thought our board did good on questioning him the other night.

I just want everyone to think twice before believing he has Native interest first. I will be writing a  letter to a former board member from Afognak who may or may not be of help but at this point we must use all that we have available to us. good luck


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