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Subject: Land Conservancy and other issues


We have to be careful about any stance we take on the issue of the land sale to the American Land Conservancy. Especially if they can reduce the price. This is bargaining and we should never let our true intentions be known to anyone but our board. the deal is very much Negotiable. These people have spent thousands of dollars to acquire this land and they plan on buying for the cheapest deal they can get. I have talked with Tim Richardson several times and I can tell you he is selling this deal hard. Our stance should be not to talk any reduction if there is a talk of reduction We should insist the land be reduced. Even with no Reduction we should still insist on some rights in the area. (the worst case scenario they would object but it would give us room to negotiate. Uganik’s stance at any dinner or meeting could potentially lose us thousands of dollars, and rights to the land. I oppose any meeting without having a clear stance.

This meeting is Tim Richardson’s attempt to gauge what they can get away with in regards to the Deal. ( Don Nekeferoff stated at our special meeting when he was selling his land back to the government they low balled him. He told them he had another seller, they came back with double the price. I guarantee that if we stick to the 2 million price they will get the money elsewhere, they have deep pockets. I can also assure you if they think they can get this land for less they will. Tim Richardson is a conservationist first and foremost. his main priority is to get this land into the state park. We should use him to get all the information we need. they are already taking 10%

On the issue of the letter I had sent out for the proxy. I had a disclaimer on it. but also the more binding information was on the proxy material itself that said we intended to distribute all the money from a land sale to shareholders minus expenses. The letter was strictly informational, as is the website. I believe we need to step up and start working on issues that are important to protect the land and future monies. if there are shareholders or board members willing to do this for minimal pay or no pay let them get the ball rolling. we must start working together to clearly define our mission and agenda. here are a list of things I would like addressed at the next meeting.


  1. clearly define the mission of Uganik natives. The original mission was to protect the land and distribute all monies.
  2. Operating procedures, reimbursement procedures. hourly repayment. expenses. meeting stipend. Donene had mentioned a plan that seemed fair. ( I agree it has to be fair to all)
  3. land leases. We can get started on creating land leases with minimal money. I can do most of the work from my office. we need to discuss the Uganik land issues
  4. Creation of  a Non Profit We need to create a tribal government to the benefit of shareholders which can work towards the betterment of the Uganik Shareholders with government money.
  5. we need to address the tax issue of the money when we get it. and we will get it we need to prepare now. I will be contacting other corporations that have done this previous. we probably need to setup a trust it will take longer but it will be tax free. we may also have shareholders wishing to pay the taxes and get their money early.
  6. we need to put in place protections for the money. Peggy Nekeferoff has offered her services to help put in a checks and balances system.
  7. Institute an email voting system with digitally signed voting. maybe have a initial  offering of any suggestions then after email discussion vote.

I would also like input on the website if anyone has suggestions or they think something is wrong please let me know. I have spent allot of time on this. I still need to make a living. but being a business owner I can allocate more time than someone else.

please voice your opinion on this we need to get some kind of system going which we all know what’s going on the one hand knowing what the other is doing. Ellen is very busy with her job and her other commitment on another board that along with 3 teenagers for a single mother could be overwhelming. so if we all pitch in and help get things moving we can move forward with this and any other issues that may arise.

Please respond to this email with your opinions

Richard Simeonoff JR

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