Ok, so I have been hinting about the worst year of my life, that I can remember, means nothing, but had to say it anyway.

The year was 1986, I had moved to Sunny California, well kinda of moved, I had nothing, I had made a few dollars fishing in Kodiak, and was tired of the Alaska life, yet again. I had not car no money and no place to live, I did get a job working for a Contractor based out of Agua Dulce or pamdale, not sure John Bergeson, if I remember correctly, my uncle had died in a plane crash the year before, or 2 years before, let me check. July 21, 1984     Hal Dierich, Jack Johnson, Harold Martin and Fred Monson were lost in a plane crash near Black Point, Spruce Island.

so that was 2 years before, i think I the last boat was the Desperado, that would make sense, since I lived in Kodiak on Woody Island and Uganik for 2 years the first time. it is fun to remember, just think back to those days.

I did not make much money, but enough to get out of Alaska. I took the Trusty Tusty to Homer, met a girl on her, and spent a few days on homer spit drinking and f&)(&&^*^ing and then off to SC

both Gilbert and Kelly were there already, they had hitch hiked down I5 and ended up working in a circus and eating marijuana as food :/ that the story I heard, I know hearsay, but harmless hearsay.