Ok, so I have been really looking what my life stands for and how I would like things to end up. wanting and getting are 2 very different options, as brother Tollak says, if you have shit in one hand, and wishes in another, what do you have? a handful of shit, that kinda speaks the same as a bird in the hand, but shit makes the point better

My main issue is whether to abandon the whole Native existence, I mean, do I want the Native label? Am I really proud to be part of a conquered people? A victim? Native means victim to so many, just look at the post on most of their sites. they stole our land, boo hoo they raped and enslaved our people boo hoo NO, I do not want to be a victim, or at least in the sense of victim still, We as Alaska Natives deserve a better life, for All of our people, no we should not be victims, we need to proactive about the fails of assimilation, which resulted in not losing our lands, but Our way of life, there was a systematic approach to assimilate and destroy the Native way of life, which is tied to the land and family. Yes, they took the land, and bought the people. how many Alaskan Natives are the result of rape? from the Russians. NOw you may think this is all in the past, but in our paper today is an article about Native women being raped and murdered and only prosecuted at less 33%, not if this is not systemic, then I have no Idea what that word means. there are many way to keep a people down, give them some land and starve them out, which was the norm over the years.