I really enjoy watching birds, all birds even the plain ugly ones, I know my dad also liked the birds, he would always name the ducks, it is funny in a kida hypocritical way, in which we can admire these things and on next moment be eating them for dinner. We have this bird feeder and liked it so much, we went out and got a bird bath for them too, We are bird Central. I often wonder about eh lives of birds and other animals, are they happy, do they even consider if they are happy, is that our problem, thinking too much? those damn birds in my front yard, seem pretty damn happy, or watching the hawk high up in the sky, gliding along, like he doesn’t have a care in the world, is that bird content? does that bird or any of the birds, give a rats ass what we think of them, or the other birds, do they get mad when it is windy our, or rainy?

I often think how about the life of a wolf pack, they are a team, wild beast, are we more civilized? why because we have shame? are we happier than a wolf with our phones and TV’s? I  have no Idea,

We are not even a granule of sand in all the Oceans on earth, in the realm of earth’s timeline, we are insignificant at best, except for our species, which has the capacity to destroy this earth, but in the realm of the universe, this is just a spec of sand, insignificant, as we are to our timeline.

in 200 years nobody alive will be anything but a footnote, if the Earth survives that long.

why not just try to be happy, which is in our power, nothing else, we choose happy or sad, keep learning, striving, live young skywalker live life to the fullest, no regrets love love love everyone you can as much as you can.