We always hear about a dogs unconditional love, right? you ever hear the saying about lock your dog in the trunk and he will still be happy to see you, but lock another human in the trunk and expect the same, not likely.

A dogs love may be one of the closest we get to unconditional love, that is the kind of love that I aspire to have. we tried to make sure that our kids felt that they were always loved, I hope they always felt that way, how does it feel to be unloved? this is a fine line, how does it feel when the people who should love you the most are not loving, what kids of person do you get? how do we know that we are loved? Our dogs love us and it easy to tell, well they look at you the same as when you have a nice hamburger, right? well it is a little different look, the hamburger look has some begging mixed in,and the love look, well it is pathetic, get a life dog, jk.

It might be a little off putting to have your loved ones look at you like that, maybe even creepy. We convey so much with our faces, so do dogs. I can not imagine, not having a dog, but it is not easy, you really have to want a dog. we have been picking up, or scooping up large piles of dog poop since we got Rhagar. he is 45 pounds and growing, they say up to 75 80 pound dog. Jt just got a report, eye botched the numbers, but close enough. I have had a few down days lately, my own doing as usual, but these dogs, well nothing like love looks to make you feel loved, yes its a dog, but they are adorable. can we raise our kids to be the same? probably not, as our main job is to prepare them for the outside world, which can be a dark place at times. That goes back to my theory of we are all slaves in a way. Slave to the Mortgage, they payments. The good thing is you get to choose how you slave away, and that is a good thing.