the birdies, what a wonder, we get small ones, big ones, they are so full of life, so funny to watch, they bully each other, but are so fun to watch, the kitties think so too, we had a pigeon today, they really are a pretty bird, compared to say a dove, but not as cool as the quail birds, with their floppy thingy on top their head:)

yesterday I saw a turkey vulture fly over, I was waiting for him to circle, but he just kept on flying south, they are a giant bird, sometimes you can see them eating road kill, they big as any eagle, but have small heads, such a sight. I would like to get a close up, but need to get this project going,

I am just amazed at all the birds around here, Arizona is full of life, best hiking in the world, as far as I am concerned.

So I journe forth into the world of man, knowing that the people I encounter are not expected to be good nice people, but nasty rude and selfish, and the ones that I do meet, that are of a nice nature,  happy well adjusted people, I shall appreciate every moment with them, like a fine wine, I know, I do not drink, but its just a saying, how about a nice rib eye, well that does not fly, or how about warm happy feeling, enjoy them, as they can be fleeting, the most important is to expect the worse in people, that way you are not angry or disappointed, but for sure, be appreciative of the good  in humanity, for it makes for a good life, a life well lived. One point must be made, it can not be under stated, The people you meet, although mean and nasty are this way, because of ignorance, as they are prisoners of their own views, they are in a way to be pitied as such, not to be hated, or even disliked, but loved, they are humanity, be life jesus, forgive them father, they know not what they do. I do love saying with jesus, like the songs, Jesus is just alright with me, or jesus people bought them, or another is she loves jesus and America too, bbbbbbb thhhhhatttss all folks, time to get cracking. love love love them birds, be like a bird. I will  be life a bird good luck, next story I think I will talk about fishing, not sport but living on boats, love them boats, wish i had a boat click click click, well

it worked with dorothy……