were headed into the hot season, spring is always my favorite time of year, the birds singing, the squirrels and rabbits having babies, the sun getting brighter and the days getting hotter.

The one place that spring was not as great was Anchorage, after a winter of freezing cold and snow, the roads are melting and all the trash and debris is everywhere, breakup is ugly, mud everywhere, spring is not until May or even June by the time everything turns as green as can be. the endless days. in the Desert, we have some of the best months, before monsoon makes an appearance, then the hot muggy days are brutal, nothing like texas or Florida brutal, but for me, not a good time to be in the Sonoran Desert. I have no problem with 110 even 118 in  a dry heat, but add some moisture, FORGET IT.  looking forward to taking the dogs on my paddle board, I have ceased to take them hiking, the snakes, them damn rattlers, and the heat, not going to be many puddles anymore. I had to just imagine having one of them getting bit, when I am 5 miles out, I would just have to coax them in, the too big to carry, and then the 2 grand for anti-venom, anyway, hopefully I will be starting construction on a garage in the next couple of days, got my permit accept and ready for pickup. Time to dig some footing and to some site layout, I plan on doing some construction videos, short clips, we shall see:)

life is good. have to call mom and gbert today