Anchorage is hovering around 3 degrees, brr ice in Kodiak, we have 80’s and sunny today, that is the benefit of living in the desert. I love going North during the winter, just to see the cold weather, it reminds me, not to live there during the winter, sometimes we get amnesia, at least eye do.  Hey, your want to know what a  real desert is? try going out to the bering sea for a few months, that is a desert, you can not see land, unless you get blown into shore by 100 mile an hour winds, you dont see people, except for  every 2 weeks, when you get to deliver to a floating processer, but sill no can see land. I did this 3 months fishing brown crab, we used pyramid pots, kind of like long lining, only with crab pots. My fellow crewmember was an ex Idaho football player named Bradley, he had been on  a trip when a big wave wiped out the wheelhouse and killed the man on watch, they put him in the freezer, it was a scow like the one we were on. It was a lifetime adventure, not much money after 3 months, after expenses 700 bones, a few nights at the bar, and i was on the search again. One of the things that I always remember, the birds that follow the ship, most of these birds look like mutant seagulls, even in the worst weather, they follow, sometimes trying to get the bait off the hooks when Longlining for cod or halibut, but they even follow the crab boats, not as much meals from that, maybe thrown over by catch, discarded bait can remnants,  the worst job is the chopper, you push herring through a bait masher, kind of like a garbage disposal, but it grinds up the herring to stuff into bait jars, really not too bad, but mindless work, often worse if there is a swell, wind, rain, snow, or lack of sleep, I used to go into the engine room between sets, power naps on my back, waiting for the alarm beep to get back on deck. I had some weird  dreams out there too: dreaming we were in world war 2 and  the enemy boats were out looking for us, I often wonder if this was some left over angels, but not even sure if the Japanese sand any ships, lost of bomb holes on Kiska, and I think they bombed Dutch. I was the picture of schoolmate kenny and made me feel small, so insignificant when it comes to the sea and the bering. I never worried about sinking, or even getting hurt, fearless? or just ignorant? I did get washed over into the hopper one time while we were picking pots, but never in danger, those foamy freezing waves, we tape up our wrist and ankles so we dont get the cold water up the sleeve or pants. I have heard of other tragedies, like the boat that had a crewman go over in a pot, that was one of my fears, and another time, a creman went over with a hook, both dead, of course, would not want to retrieve the body. I love and miss boats, hope to win the lottery and get a magnificent seiner  or speed yacht, I remember when salmon fishing, there was some fast Seine boats, they call them highligners, love those boats, the lines on them, and they could get up and go, get up on step and fly through the water, most only do about 9 to 12 Knots, as a kid, with my Dad and my brother we fished a little jitney boat, it was the slow boat to china, my dad grew up on the island fishing and living. We were headed into town, the whole fleet was stuck afraid to go around spruce cape. ( I think it was spruce, I was only 8 or 9) anyway, we took off first, we were the smallest boat, and we got to town last, spruce is right around the corner from town. I also remember also before this, eating a whole pack of juicy fruit gum and then puking it up while sea sick :/  Kodiak will always be my home, woody island, Uganik and the boats, and my grandparent couches, were mostly my home, recently my Auntie Christina (Tina) has been a welcoming angel, bless her heart. I miss the days of rowing into town from Woody island on a small aluminum skiff, or hopping over on my dads “big skiffs” or the journey from town to Uganik, a few times broke down, drifting around for hours. so many fond memories, I wish I could somehow share the adventures with my children, yet is it so far. Profit rules the day, not community or living off the land lifestyle, or even being able to live on the land, without a huge bank account, that is one of the things that is missing, I see these reservations in Arizona, and other parts of the country,and they have the reservation, I like to just go there and see the communities, to see these Indigenous people have home, albeit not perfect, the government has created a welfare people, even with our Christian Country,  the bible is often attrited “If you give a man a fish, he will be hungry tomorrow. If you teach a man to fish, he will be richer forever.”  

The main point to be made is, it is clear to me, that the government has done everything  to separate the indigenous people from their land and assimilate them as low paid worker bees. This have been through sub-stadard education, lack of secondary Education funding, and  lack of creating jobs for Native Americans on thier own land, they seem to be all in on creating good jobs for foreigners and keeping wages down by importing and allowing illegal immigration and  low paid worker from other countries, instead of educating its own citizen, All people, deserve a chance at a good education, not just the ruling class and rich.  That my friend, or foe, is my rant for this Sunday.

I know the subject got twisted, but is that not the American Way 🙂