This is all good in theory, for me is trying to even like my neighbors 🙁 for me a good neighbor waves and says high and keeps to themselves. Let me first say that, I have been a bad neighbor as it comes to upkeep at my own home, that being said, All the neighbors surrounding my house including the ones across the street, bought their homes after mine was purchased, except for the Russian, whom I never seen hide nor hair of all these 16+ years we have lived in this home, except the time they lost their baby, he now nice kid, I think grandkid. I know lots of people want to be friends with their neighbors, I have no problem waving or saying howdy. I do not pay for a service to come out to our house and pull weeds. I pull them a couple times a year. this year after I got a complaint in the mail, we finally concreted over all the weed areas. We try to keep to ourselves. I used to park a boat in my front yard, yes I am somewhat of a hillbilly. work trucks a dump trailer 3 kids dogs and a couple of cats. We have full lives, I never really had time to notice our neighbors. With the potential for weeds gone, hopefully we can just be nice neighbors. so here are a few of my observations and why I am still adamant about you stay on your property and I will stay on mine, recently I found out the troublemaker neighbor, that has been intigating all this, with the help of his Russian buddy, ( oh and people who call me “buddy” instant dislike for them, another one of my tells) anyway, the nosey neighbor comes over and says ” nice yard” I was in the hot sun working and was really not liking the interruption, but decided to find out what the retired neighbor, who purchased his house dirt cheap when the economy was in a free fall from a family that could not afford to pay their mortgage, what he did prior to moving to Arizona from California, Real Estate agent, well the light went off in my head. Property value whore, was my first thought, I know, but I yam hoo I yam. it did not matter to him when he was buying it dirt cheap, but now he was going to clean up the neighborhood, Sure there is something to be said about your neighbors house, when talking property values, I went to Real Estate school in Washington and Arizona, with a short stint as a realtor in Arizona. So yes it a a viable thing to be aware of, if you selling your home, otherwise… ok since im venting on neighbors. the other neibhor moved in and no problem, I had been on a long hair kick and one day I notice him and his sister, wife, not sure, anyway they kept staring at me hard, me being, well Me, finally said, what the fuck are you staring at? blah blah blah, they seem nice enough, but don’t poke me. ok the other neighbor and his wife, everything fine, but he starts talking about he weeds, he say, I do y8ou a favor sometimes and spray your weeds too, wtf, who cares, on his side it maybe 10 small weeds, I helped him haul away his tree when It fell down, a few other comments and it like stay the fuck away, wave high yeah, but also he starts telling about this neighbor mad at that neighbor and blah blah blah, I do not really care or want to get involved, I do feel bad about my other neighbor next door, it was the bad area, which has since been concreted over, my tree is a nice tree, but a mess. glad I fixed it for that reason. that it except for the Russian, he knows everyone’s business, a spy? perhaps? he was “buddies” with my brother for awhile, until he tried to put his politics on him, not my brother, end of “buddy” oh and if someone calls you buddy, they do not like you. The Russian, (actually Ukrainian) knew stuff about the neighbors, that were private, mind your own business. then there was the time, a neighbor down the block, decided to borrow, my wheel barrow without asking, I never said anything, but was slightly pissed, not really just wtf is wrong with people, I even had a neighbor on the next street over send me a text about a roof tile that fell off, wtf, so hopefully they can stay they can mind their own business, perhaps get jobs, or do something construction, maybe some day I will be a retired neighbor that runs around reporting other people for not being perfect like me. fat chance.

I feel better, see me venting.

few other things while me vents. the low balling neighbor also ratted out the other spray your weeds for you neighbor for having too many dog, I never even knew he had dogs, he had to get a special permit. the Russian was bragging about someone offering him 300 grand for his house. the lowballer has a wife, I can see her staring out the window on a daily basis and when I look she duck away, I think a hobby is in order, mind your own business and you wont be minding mine, I am surprised the lowballer has not turned his Russian friend in for making racket all day and working on his car on a daily basis, all of which I could care less, but they have to mind my business. it does feel nice to vent on her, petty, well fuck ya it is, disappointed in myself, yes yes yes. cant rub them damn spots off. this message will self destruct