My journey has begun on the history of others, my enlightenment has been a journey of learning and awareness. Luigi was a man God 400 years ago, he wrote the discourses on how to live to be 100. I have decided to ask God to remove these defects of character, my overindulgence of food, thus reliving my brush with the writings of Luigi.

Luigi starts here: It is universally agreed, that custom, n time, become second nature, forcing men to use that, whether good or bad, to with  they have been habituated; in fact, we see habit, in many instances gain the ascendancy over reason. this is so undeniable true, that virtuous men, by keeping company with wicked, often fall into the same vicious cours of life. seeing and considering all this I have decided to write on the vice of intemperance in eating and drinking.

This to me, means habit of our culture or haibt of groups, become the normal, and associations with people of low moral standards corrupt ones character over time. This makes me want to queel my bad habits, eating, drinking (too much milk) and reactions or actions, also play a role in my defects of character. this is a good time to tell myself to NEVER worry about the small brains and thoughts of wicked humans, they are corrupt in their thinking, why would any thought that comes ours of their tiny brains matter? Pity them? I do not think so, they know they act in their own insecurities. I must be resolute, I see why we need religion, people with no moral compass, and yes, they get their dirty hands into churches and religion, but the resounding message of christ and God, is good and righteous, virtuous, good works.  spiritual no religious is great. One is higher and the other blinds one to our spirit self.