I have no idea what they are thinking. none zilch

So there is the Dr hymen, he wrote a book the Pegan diet, it is actually decent, but it tries to copy shit hat is not good for you, you will never copy a real pancake forget it. learn to eat different.

But that is not my rant. My rant is they had this black lady on about the racist food system, this is clear manufactured race h8t, perpetrated by others, Sure maybe they have some issues, but the whole problem has nothing to do with race, THIS IS GREED GREED GREED, any people who run around saying the “whites are racist” are delusional, stupid to the core.

YOU are being mislead, everybody is being mislead. The whole food system is flawed, it is based on profit, nothing else,  this is not race based, that is asinine.

Go to Walmart, go to Costco, look at all the fucken fat people, look hard, they are everybody, all races, maybe if this is a race thing, the asians seem to have the thinnest people, but really that is because I only see TV asians, and like the majority of actors and models, they be thin.  this is preposterous.

WAKE up Dammit. This is the government, the special interest, MEGA business KROGER  PRocter and Gamble, big farming this is greed, look at all the fat  white people. it is more normal to be fat than to be thin. look around. how long is it going to take for people to wake up.

The race deal is manufactured, so  the sheep have somewhere to vent their frustrations, this is history, repeat wash, repeat. HItler was a master at this, he blamed all the problems on jewish people, when in fact it was the lack of leadership, Government unable to create. not people, people have been pawns and perhaps always will be pawns, and most like it that way. keep it simple stupid. Only when the shit hits the fan, does it even matter. All race Issues are created and nurtured by government. We are all pawns. we are the cancer that will destroy this earth, the only thing left, will be the cockroaches, and ants. long after we are gone, but my life is covered, maybe even 5 more generations. ok that was a fun rant.

disclaimer:  just a rant, I do not think any less of someone who is overweight, I have been my whole life, and I will always struggle, I just feel cheated out of a healthy life, by nobody in particular, It is the capt crush commercials, Tony the Tiger “Its Great”  or they are magically delicious, lucky charms, and now were are finding out all this food,  is not so healthy.  I am starting to think, it has to do with control of the people, fat dumb and happy, may actually have been a strategy, maybe I am resentful of their wealth, lving an easy life, to be able to go snowboarding hiking rafting surfing, anytime I wanted to, to travel teh world with blinders on, yeah I am jealous, I was born poor, but not bitter, just enlightened, I see many of my family and friends suffering the food and overweight culture. that is American Culture.  sorry not to offend this is my journal,

live long and prosper.

800 calories a day, I am sill eating above 1000,  but my hypothyroidism, is pesky