So, we have this War, that looks to end not so good. Me see nothing good coming out of this for America or Ukraine, nothing, we will waste Millions, but as we seen if Afghanistan, we must have an unlimited supply, but since they are now  taxing not only all of us, down to the lowly taco bell worker, they have decided to tax the Mega rich Corporations too. it is inevitable that the Russians will take over Ukraine, that is a foregone conclusion, at least to all the United States “Experts” in essence, our money is going to prolong not only the War, but increase the amount of people killed, is that a fair assessment? This whole feel good give the poor Ukrainians food and weapons, so we can feel, we did our part. The truth, unless we are willing to risk World War 3, we should do nothing, well not nothing.  Some times turning a blind eye, which I am good at, it the only  answer. Fake news and Fake sanctions, right after Biden big Puffy speech,  The fat governor corrected him saying we will still be getting most of our fuel from Russia. There has to be a fine line, We were attached by the Japanese in World War 2 for hardball economic tactics. if we are going all in, then we have to be prepared for the final conflict. I wonder if behind the scenes all these rich people from both sides, not the Ukrainian President, he is just a pawn, not the big money are mapping all this thing out in some secret Zoom meeting.  The richest of the rich.

I wonder….

So I have been ranting about Nazi’s  lately, and really the whole thing, the Naze thing, is very interesting. Thinking about this subject, although taboo, it has been a part of our history forever, the world history, as recent as bosnia, which is very close to Ukraine, they have been engaged in genocide, the whole thing reeks of ungodliness to the extreme, to think that we are all gods creatures, and that we take that upon ourselves to erase his creations. This seems to be common sense to me:)

Just look at all the athletes, I think the Wolves outnumber the Pitbulls at least 2 to one. the wolves being original African people and the pitbulls would be one of the many offshoots of the wolf.

like a german Shepard or a poodle. 🙂

I always have a hard time with hitler’s whole superior humans, for one, he looked like everything but, superior, he looked dumb, and it turns out he was dumb, he lost the War, I like to think good prevailed over Evil, and God had a hand in all the German blunders. I do feel his is always watching, sees everything, I know I sound like an atheist at times, but I refuse to be all in on anything, and especially when it comes to specifics, but the good of believing outweighs the bad for me. No Adolf was not superior in anything except the manipulation and his ability to manipulate the Masses of Germany, but who wouldn’t want to considered the “Master Race”  they were at a low point after WWI, there was lots of bad things going on. I never seen what was so different from Jews and Germans, they all looked the same, mostly, it seems to have boiled down to religious beliefs. This is the power of religion, I do  not understand, how a free thinking person, can put everything in faith, all common sense. that seems counterintuitive at best. That the Jewish people could not just say, O no, I just converted to what was you say was acceptable? I know it is stupid to think it would have been that simple, and they do have a genetic difference, but it can  not be much.  So hitler had jewish chromosomes, but they did not have that back in the days of Hitler.

We need to always look at the past, especially World War II it happened for a reason. I believe life on this earth is not as important as we make it  out to be. otherwise God would have never let so many people die, or children. sticking with my thinking, I will not go all in on this theory, I still only have my life today, and I will work to enjoy my living self.

muddled writing, yes I think so, I Need an editor, ok, not a good idea, it will all be deleted.

here was the german people, they were being brainwashed into thinking, they were the Master race, by an inferior manipulator. that much I belive. From what I have been able to ascertain, this was all based on being able to subjugate other peoples.  they had some kind of tier, the Scandinavians, or Germanic people were at the top, then the British, not sure how the brits thought of this, but I think they would have to rewrite the Master thingy to put Americans at the top of the list, with the Russians and English, right? hahahhahahah well we did win, i thank God for all the brave men and women from all the Allied countries that contributed to this War.

O you guessed it, I am procrastinating, painting our bedroom, by order of my Queen, I dislike painting. I had this jewish grade school teacher that had told us to never use “hate” but instead use, dislike.

I just can not think from looking at this Ukraine Russian thing as our larger societal problem. We are ruled by governments, The russian Army, the Ukrainian Army, all of us are controlled by our Governments.  In the United States we are pigeon holed with the Democrats and the Republicans, this is evident with what is put up for elections. does this create a safe balance, or just increase government waste and inaction?

Blaming the Russian people for Vladimir the ex KGB agent, is as stupid as thinking our votes count, in an election that is handcuffed by rich anonymous donors, and a 2 party system, that has limited  smart people, maybe this keeps us safe? term limits, keeps us safe or mired in our own political bullshit.

I have no idea, why do I even care, well I dont, I am just mindlessly typing anything comes into my pretty head, ahahha ok, I know that is a stretch, the pretty part. it is my journal. subject to change and from the hip.

please do not judge people by the way they think,  Most are unaware, they are just sheep in a Mega system of control, just try to be happy, fat dumb and happy works for me.

at least the dumb and happy, if I can get this fat off me.