aye eye captain, so I hope my children have no eyes on taking any of my perceived or justifiable shame in life, I hope they see it for what it is, the act of taking on a generational shame, unless your repeating the same offensive, as in say, the hitler family, whom emigrated to America with their racist ways. Most changed their names, speaking of which, as I am very little russian, 1-3 percent I should change mine, but me too too lazy, and poor.

I really like the Ingram name, so easy to say, and its Western European, which I am mostly genetically speaking, anhd through my paper chase of hereditary. Even though it was illegitimate, as in both my dad and my grandfather, it makes up where I came from, that and my very own Native blood, wich has been with me from day one, never waivered, always present, even when I was delisional enough to think I was considered white, hahah a funny now, as the “tells” like this commona one, “I can see it in YOU”¬† the dirty white boy ahahha eye crack¬† myself up. ok here is me today, the fat showing that I must shed by Sept 17