ok, here I am going to offend some people, but these are my views, based on my past experiences. I will not make a decision on who that I believe shall be president, until after the debates, can you say the same? We only know what we are told, unless you have some secret connection to the government. The last 4 years have been good, I mean not getting rich, but also not having to bid to just pay bills, if that. The main reason I voted for The Donald, was not his hair, not his ethics, no it was his business acumen, and I watched the apprentice and got a kinda of jealous fondness for him, I wondered, what if I was sent to the best schools, was given a millions dollars to start a business. hmmmm…. well that ship sailed, when I was born into this world as a mixed breed American, I made the best of it, and love my life and how it turned out… but I can day dream. (one of my talents, my imagination set me apart) during the first part of Obama democratic regime, I was doing ok, hustling up project, the last half was dismal at best, I had to take one of the slave jobs, the pay was better than when I first came, it was 15.05 I think and almost 20 during the height of the Obama regime, the last 4 years, have been good, being able to pick better jobs, it can also be true, that I have become better at qualifying projects, Contracting can be a tough business, a small company like mine has to compete with all the unlicensed contractors, handymen and anybody who has hammer. that is why you have to qualify jobs, but that will be better to post on my business website. I look at Joe Biden, and I see the same thing, only worse. I just want to make a living and be left alone, especially when it comes to politics, but I saw what happens when jobs and the economy take a back seat to h8te. these protesters are attempting to erase history. What this would amount to is overthrowing the united states of America. yes a little extreme, but what is next, all slave owners banished from the history books, Washington/ Thomas Jefferson the list is huge. I do see they are asking for reforms, which is a good thing, especially where they police their own communities, and much other things, do you think they can just erase history and racism? that is more ignorant than not. ummm has to go shopping TBC

WE want solutions not step back to the book burnings and erasure of history, who was the last one to do that, it happens during war.