I wonder if people get mad if they fail at controlling your mind, or if you dont share the same views on life?

or are they so passionate about their cause, your thoughts dont matter?

that reminds me of a joke  about passing a liquor store,  the joke  you passionate, to natives drunk girl, no she says “you pashing the liquor store!!

To tell you the truth, I just want to have fun, I have fun pretty easy, even working, sleeping, talking, just breathing for the most part.

I dont really care about all these issues, There are too many to count, they try to use the ones that bring the most divide.

I feel I need to emphasise that last sentence.

i just want to play and have fun.  adventure. I know my days of adventure are running out.

The key to my own sanity is in the details.  imagination is all you need, or all I need is love

it makes me sad, that I am  still not 100 percent mindful.

like Buddha,  I think buddhas was happy for snacks! been there done that…. still a battle.

how do we make someone happy?  if we jump through hoops to make someone happy, will it work?

ok I got nothing, anyway I am painting some walls

I think I am spinning in circles, round and around we go, where we stop, nobody knows.

it will be fun to see Anchorage again, I always hated Anchortown, such a dirty crime ridden city, but I have many many memories, most of them, not so good, lots of trouble;/ lots of fun, I was free, I was more free than ever, free to do what ever the fuck I wanted to do, and I did. Anchorage was post pipeline days,lots of money leftover. The Monkey Wharf, had live monkeys behind the bar, wet Tshirt night was Wednesday, Gussie Lamour and Swiftwater bills were selling nickel beers and drinks. I dont know why I still went to those, almost always ended in a blackout and waking up in precarious places.

But I was Free, I barely knew who the president or democrats where, let alone give  a rats ass.

Now we have no many groups to join, Maks, anti mask, gun, anti gun blah blah blah,

blah blah blah   I do that when I dont know what the fk im saying 🙂
I just can not have expectations, that is a weakness of mine.  I want to exceed expectations, but want and do, I am only me.

Maybe I should just take my eye out and do the whole trip as I am?  I mean I walk around with this fake eye in my socket, trying to make it look real, and as soon as I forget my ruse, It turns into a mind of its own fisheye.

You know I would do that no problem, I dont really care anymore, I am going to be 60 🙂  I can not fucking believe it, when I was a little bitty boy, I remember looking at 5o year olds and thinking they were on deaths door, I am still disappointed, that they lied to us children, I was told the  retirement age was 55.