Howdy, happy Saturday!!  it is good to be alive

really I love breathing, and My breathing is back to normal, not sure what I had, but had been slightly sickly, not too much, just pesky, finally had to get some anti-biotics for my chest congestion, green goo…. ewwwww.

So mind control is on my mind, not the kind where the masses are controlled, but more on the side of trying to control me own  mind, not control but be in the drivers seat, as an observer, and not an active participant, sounds weird, like an alter ego, science fiction, but its not, it is science, well phycology  and they had been doing Francis farmer procedures in the not so distant past (lobotomies)  tit taint easy

I am enjoying the ride, the internal melodrama, but as long as I always go back to the basics, be virtuous, it has me switching gears every time.

I can never say it is a bad thing, trying to be a better person, sounds really sappy, I know, and I am like a sorcerer, I can conjure up that old monkey at will:)

OK, well I been doing that one for a long time, improving, being a better human, not much luck in the way of life altering or even fruitful, except progress, now with mindfulness and virtue, things are feeling  rosy.

There was   one website that has you envision what you want to look life, but that was hard, I had not Idea, still kinda sketchy in that department 🙂 hhahahhahahhahahahh have to laugh, although eye am only smiling.

I could only think of some of the stuff I want to do.

But I found this other helpful hint: Get a purpose in life, well I had one, make babies raise a family… done

I had been racking my brain on this one for awhile, but BINGO, I have at least a purpose. MY purpose, to become useful to all my family. To be able to spend quality time with all that will have me.

I am hopeful, all my brothers and Sisters, cousins.

The key is watching out for potholes, and bring more to the table then I receive. That one is key, we can be such silly geese when it comes to what your expense in a  relationship is +/-

the integrated microphone on my camera quit working, so I have to use my PC setup to make videos, I am going to make one on how to draw your own plans for a permit, I am still formulating a script, well dont think I even right them down.  I have been coming up with song verses, that I wish I would write them down.  still want to learn how to write a song, I think it likes poems, but I’m clueless on that too.  the main thing, don’t let the haters discourage my silly fun.

im baaaaaaaaaaaak

full belly, just had hamburger with cabbage, one of my favorites, stuffed myself like a turkey bird.

One thing in my world would be nice, if We could save the land for future generations, there is the possibility it could be lost forever, once sold its gone gone gone.

I am not sure, but was the claims Act for just one generation? two?

I feel like being indigenous would be to covet the land and animals, yet I get the feeling it more about assets. I have heard of so many that lost land to these tactics of handing out title to lands, only to have them sold for tax collections. The Native villages and Corporations were complicit and continue this and do everything to discourage living on Native lands.

Alaska was a hotbed for free lands to any American willing to stake out some property, family Empires were built on these lands that still thrive to this day.