I have undertaken two new learning adventures, the Guitar and photography, slowly but surely, learning 4 chords right now, my fingers are getting better at not dampening strings practice is the key, still working on the switching, it is funny how one min, I do great, the next time, cant seem to hold or switch, muscle memory, guitar was one of the things I had always said “I am no good at that”” well just like anything else I wanted to learn, I have not let peoples opinion of my lack of skills or natural talent to dissuade me from continuing, as in singing, I have always been told I cant sing, well I can learn to sing too, it just takes motivation and practice, I even found a college course that will help you find your range and nurture it, but no time for that now, need to keep the wolves away. I think at least one more time, trying to break through the whole contracting MAZE, without going bankrupt or getting caught up in the bullshit.  looking for a Niche, or  a viable need. so much bullshit out there. too many sharks. for now, them damn wolves,  A  nice addition would be nice, even a garage. the small nikel and dime projects or just that,  by the time your done, you have a couple days and your back out with the wolves again. I have to do some thinking to get my website from the 400 a year to a new cheaper 140 for 3 years, that will be a project. yap yap yap anyway that will be some learning again. keep working the gray matter keep pushing ahead.  I may have to pay for some advertising most likely yes.