haahhah but we all like to hear what is going on in each others lives, well well what have we here.

I know, I have been on kinda a negative, monstrous tear lately, hopefully I will be getting a better perspective, but actually have been on a life epiphany of sorts. I still live by dont sweat the small things, I am breathing walking, talking and still have freedom of movement, free speech and my mental facilities, although I am sure that can and always will be subjective 😉

My thought today, as I venture forth into our world. relationships and who’s business is it?  disclaimer: this are my opinions, and they are subject to change, without warning or notice

I do not think, parents, friends, children or anybody, should be privy to the relationships of  any magnitude in any of the mentioned relationships, Can you Imagine the damage, inflicted on a child, if a parent shares intimate details of their relationship with their kids, lifelong? like maybe for instance, t.  whoa whoa whoa, you got to be kidding or even more intimate, or think if it was reversed, how about a newly married couple and the daughter shares intimate details with the Mom, or her best friend? Once you add anyone to your relationship, you alter the relationship, unbeknownst to the other partner, maybe your getting confused, or maybe eye am, maybe I should stay out of the family therapist arena, I believed Freud when he said that an over bearing Mother can create a gay child, well not really but maybe a confused or perhaps, ok maybe I should just shut my mouth right now…… maybe ….. yeah, it is way out of  my knowledge base. but on the other hand, my belief or theory mean nothing. I would never in a million years, care, or make judgment on anybodies preference, nobody, no how. why would I care, I am not the  God police, OK I lied again, if your a pedophile, I think you should rot in HELL. anybody that targets children is EVIL in my book. or women. that where my line is drawn.  I can care less if you accept Odin, ody, or jesus, your hell bound. a tool of the devil, or a wolf in sheeps clothing, I do not think, that will ever be rectified. well then again, there is a cycle to alot of this shit, abused, becomes abuser, cycle through.  where was eye?

Ok I feel like I am getting to righteous, but these are my pet peeves, or all the internet people out begging for handouts, in the guise of helping, saw one today, local, he still looked like a predator, I see it, it is clear, but not everybody sees through this kind of bullshit.  ok enough of my BAD vibrations, Negative thinking, stinking thinking. I really like the whole world back to normal, even if we are just sheep. at least we were happy sheep. fat dumb and happy :0   lol, ok im kinda skinny now, still stuck at 170 but pretty lean, good muscle but I still have a pouch, like a kangaroo, starting to train for the tournament, only thing that can stop me is injury or.. nothing I am going to be a force on the mound. bullpen in the key.   o yeah this was about relationships, so for you people out there, mind your own business and you wont me minding mine.

blah blah blah.

O yeah, on a side note, that is does not pertain to abuse or threats or danger, but not your children, you need to report to the proper authorities or if it is over, and there is real danger, call 911, or your dad or grandfather, if you have one :/  never ever put up with abuse, We all deserve better from our loved ones, nothing more poisonous than from within your own tribe

love the one your with, if you cant be with the one you love, love the one your with;)