so, when I said my great grandmother was mostly Russian, that was true, but in my Internet Travels I had found some things out, Have you ever heard about the baby seals, You know the clubbing of baby seals. My family was involved with that endovour, my Native half was imorted in to St George Island to club baby seals by the Russians, and my Russian ancestors were probally the ones involved in the operation. not a big bragging point, on the Native half, it was most likely that or death, or the Russians used to like to kidnap the women and children, that Is why I think there is a strong incidence of attacking a persons family in Native familes, not all but more often than not. The other thing I fogot to mention,  is that my great grandmother Ida was most likely involved in the early American Reindeer  herding, I think my great Grandfather was brought over to help in the herding, that is still a mystery, I also want to find her death and what happened.

ok that was it.

I usually have things i want to get into these blurbs, and forget some of  them, I try to add them as i think of them as  I am typing, its and imprefect science for me. 🙂