That’s it!  I am so fed up with you and your accusations.  Why it is you think that I should think exactly like you and make the same decisions you do 100% of the time is beyond me.  You represent a vote on the board – one that you can make and one that I will not interefere with.  Likewise, I represent a vote on the board and I, not you, will decide how I vote.  You already know I am very much in favor of a large distribution.


Until you can treat me with respect, don’t e-mail me unless you are sending an e-mail to all board members.


Alyce Roberts

— On Sat, 9/13/08, Richard E Simeonoff <> wrote:

From: Richard E Simeonoff <>
Subject: sale of land
Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008, 2:40 AM

Alyce in wonderland. The only big issue I see right now. if we donʼt have the actual percentage of distribution to the shareholders. we will not be locked in at that amount. any board member that has control of the 2 million dollars can hire quite a buffer and have the money used for purposes other than distribution. I would like to have a 95% distribution with maybe more after a budget and operating expenses for the corporation are established. without the wording in the proxy we will have no protection whatsoever.  Dad, Kelly Tollak Gilbert and me favor full distribution of the money but I personally think that 95% will be a fair and just amount. and will not leave the corporation penniless. we need money for Ellen’s car rentals, hotels meals and plane fair. should we vote to pay her six months later? we can distribute the money to verified shareholders and addresses and work on the others later. I asked Ellen for the disputed shareholders and never got a list. I have totally backed off anything but the money.  the proxy is important and we need that wording in there.  Kelly and Gilbert are living in poverty and need this money I have bills Tollak has bills we need to get together on this. I have yet to talk to a shareholder who wants anything more than a minimal board. we have only 31 original members there is no need for all that. I have written this because you donʼt answer my calls. (call screening is great for avoiding undesirables, unless it me)