Not even worthy of a response Richard. Not even.


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From: Richard simeonoff []
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 4:01 PM
To: Ellen Simeonoff
Cc: Alyce Roberts;;; Barbara & Sonny Peterson;; Fred Simeonoff; Ralph Rastopsoff;

Ellen, it only makes sense to tie the two together. You can be suspect all you want. what do i have to gain if we distribute the money to all the shareholders. nothing. what do you have to gain if you have control over 1.8 million dollars? maybe you want to vote no on the distribution. you clearly have this attorneys ear. and donene clearly has your ear. you have allot to gain if if you can force separate deals. I do not trust your motives; I believe you have ulterior motives. I believe you would like to create a job to supplement your income and donene is clearly leading you in hopes she can supplement her retirement and you will stop at nothing until you get all your way. you can say what you want about me but I have only one motive. get the money to the shareholders. VOTE NO ON LAND SALE!! YES on distribution. you and donene have had control of the finances and all things since last year and have done nothing. I have asked for bank information QuickBooks files. you are clearly looking for a way to gain control over the money. We need to call for elections and get elected board members. I do not support you and do not trust your motives. I have tried to trust you but clearly you  and donene will do anything to get a hold of this money. lets call for elections. if you were sincere in wanting the money to go to the  shareholders we would already have it. you clearly have the attorney drafting this towards your goals. The previous drafts had distribution in there proxies. these are the ones you waited 2 months for that were from some where near Cordova. There is only one reason not to tie them together and that is you plan on not distributing the money.  we must get every shareholder to voice if they want the money or if they want you to spend it for them. lets ask them I have and clearly they dont want you or donene to spend their money.