TO:Mr.Richard Simeonoff Jr.,

It sure looks better the issue, say hi to your Dad, the last time I saw him he was working at Cook Inlet Tribal Council.

I noticed you put Kelley’s name in your Email the last time, is he your Grandfather, or one of your children?

I feel like we may be on the road to healing, in the Corporation, it sure would be nice, Ellen may have had the boards backing, but she did not have the backing of those that put her in there, (elected in.)

I thank you for being persistent, Richard, if you need a good Secretary for the Corporation, my wife is a very strong woman, she used to work for many years

at Cook Inlet Native Association, then it became Cook Inlet Tribal Council, she

trained alot of employees there, she did the monthly reports, they wanted her

to take over the helm at Cook Inlet Tribal Council, but she declined, that was about when I started having heart troubles, so she stayed close to me.

Are you planning on coming up for Christmas this year? Or stay in sunny

Arizona? I was planning on going down to Seattle to visit others, that had trans-

-plants around the same time that I had mine, one has passed away, she had

other problems though, but she got close with my wife, they became good friends.

Another has cancer or he did, they cut off a portion of his lung, another had

her breasts removed ( cancer related), so far I only have Diabetes type II, we are

trying to control it with my weight, so far it seems to be working.

My wife and I are unable to have chidren so we have two hairy kids, (two dogs) one is part white German shepard,part husky and something else, the

other one is a ( Belgian Shepard & German Shepard mix, he is big and black,

he has one white spot on his chest, but when you brush it down wards it looks

like a heart, his dad weighed 150lbs.

His name is Maximus, his mate is pushki, I have a picture of me and my wife

in our computor, I’ll try to send you a copy.

Thanks again, Richard for your part in getting this straightend out, with the corporation, do you think we might get it before the end of December( a check)?

Hope you had a good Thanks Giving.

Stay strong young man, give me your mailing address again.


Ralph S. Rastopsoff


From: Richard E Simeonoff <>
To: Ralph Rastopsoff <>
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 7:46:39 AM
Subject: Re: Is she right on this?

Ralph, things are looking better now. they have dropped their Idea of having separate proxies. if we get the tax issue clarified. and some other issues we may be back on track. but we will have to be cautious. Ellen has been getting pressure from her family also. I have been keeping them informed also. I really appreciate your being involved my dad had said you would be a great asset and he was right. the main issues now are the tax issue which they are working on and some wording on the proxy. if we can get these cleared up we may be able to get this deal done. right now I am going to back off and hope they donʼt try more moves to impede the sale and distribution I will keep you informed.



From: Ralph Rastopsoff

Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 3:08 AM


Subject: Fw: Is she right on this?


TO:Richard Simeonoff,

Here is what Ellen has said, are you in agreement with her on this?

I am wondering what is going on, I hear one thing then I hear something

else. She still wants the proxy vote?Why I thought you said everyone is in agreement with you on this one.

Let me know.


Ralph S. Rastopsoff


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From: Ellen Simeonoff <>
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 3:32:15 PM
Subject: re:

1. The Board is in Unanimous Agreement on how to proceed with this proxy and that’s what we’re doing. The land sale will be tied to distribution.
2. We are waiting to hear from two different CPA’s regarding tax information, one local CPA and Deborah Holmes. I have contacted them.
3. We’ve been working diligently to hear back from all board members on the proxy changes made Wednesday night by Alyce.
4. Kathy Black will be back in the office Monday. We need to change our meeting date and the business who will handle the proxy votes for us because Pat Szabo will be on vacation after the 13th.