What would you do if I sand out of tune? would you stand up and walk out on me?

We may all feel like everything that we say or do is wrong, is it? can we be hopelessly MAD?   can I only be happy without stressors? why even go on, is it all worth it? are all the homeless people on drugs, or mentally unstable?  or are some of them just, tired of all the bullshit we go through to maintain ” the white picket fence existence” . We have become so entrenched in this as the “norm”  can we just accept a miserly existence, if it keeps up the façade of a successful life?

what to think when things, just diapear out of thin air, my lens for my  dslr camera, has disappeared into thin air, my hunting knife, also has disappeared into thin air. the lens was a kit lens, nothing fancy or expensive, but it gave me a chance to get close enough to wildlife  to get a decent shot, I was a work in progress, it was fun shooting the deer and duck, with a camera, wondering, how different it would be to shoot them to eat, as apposed to capture a moment in time. I have lost many things, but mostly it was my glasses, that I use to see with, once, I found them at the end of the garage, set neatly on the concrete, a clue perhaps, perhaps

Stress causes a distraction, why am I letting myself be distracted? what is the alternative?

I have made some life changing epiphany lately, mostly diet, well that was the fulcrum, that created my new mindset.  Eating is a big distraction in life, we are poisonings ourselves with the sugar and flour product, our brains, our bodies, slow poison, as with the stress, cortisol is poison, it is meant to save us from disaster, but eats our lives away in the  form of overeating.