This is a big issue, bigger than the first Amendment. this is the only law that gives power to the people.  I am ok with the people that dont like guns oar think they should be banned, but  I do have issue with it. For one thing. We live in the Age of Peace and relative safety, we get all uptight when a few hundred people are gunned down, oooo ahhhhhhhh oooooo ahhhhhh OUTLAW guns, maybe you should learn some history?  One of the greatest Nations ever was ROME, do you think the people thought they were so powerful, that they could feel safe, this is just one county, How about the American Indians?  Genocide has been more the Norm than an aberration. not just  14, 30 43, but millions, thousands, hundreds at a time.  I am not big on guns, I have a few, I feel safe at home, but feel no need to carry, I do like that a person can, I know there are lots of people who  do, and that makes it safer, I know if I was a criminal and there was a chance the mark, was armed, well that would make it alot more risky, but if you were sure, they had at most a knife, much easier, than getting gunned down,  just ask Bernard Getts

I think that there is a chance this could happen, with The Democrats, who are for the people? not so sure, ok I hate both parties. it is a real shit show.

my issues are free speech and the second amendment. Native issues too, but really, I have lost all those, the medical still sucks, at least here, I am screwed. I am too old to fight with them for proper care.  the Natives are second class citizens  to the United States Government, they will shove down their throats whatever they want, anytime they want. It is just a fact, they can protest all they want and they will only get scorn.

O here is another rant of mine, there was some post about how the Native Americans should join in with all the other minorities, another crock of shit, they just love when they can deal with everything as one single ball of shit, do not fall for  this bullshit. I admit the blacks have a good story, but Native Americans are still being fed bullshit, as Rich as this country is, you think they could give them a fucken bone? no way, even the vets who fought  and died. sheep. dumb sheep, If there is not full resolution on the Native issues, the right to live on their own lands, and a way to do that, not these shithole cities where they are second class citizens. But this is not the People, the is the Government, the Federal Government under the guise of for the people, yeah right.  We are all slaves, of these houses and mortgages, the American dream, work your ass off until your dead.

wow that was a few dark pieces. :/  o  well I feel trapped lately , like what is it all for,  we are just dust in the Wind. bored to death. I guess,

it is for the fun moments the excitements, the intimacy’s, the adventure, what if all you see is work and more work pay pay pay, more debt more debt. not time for fun, o maybe a  day or two  a year. well maybe we can get some exitement if we go to WAR

these pieces are just being devil advocate, nothing dark and depressed or anything of the sorts, just getting out of the normal everyday mundane bullshit.