I have been quite impressed with the younger generation of Alaskan Natives, I have even been subscribing to sites and they  all seem to be getting back Our culture, or at least what is left of it. Impressive. I had never seen this in my day, the big focus was money and  work, GET TO WORK, not hunting and fishing, The Image I share is my great grandmother and great great grandfather from Nome Alaska. you can see what his profession was, hunting and fishing. I just have to say here, when I was living in Uganik, it was the most peace I have had in my life, It was my fortress of solitude, It was a span of over 4 years, in which I planning on sharing on this journal,  My life consisted of Hunting daily, without much success, as I would trample all over the hills and mountains scaring everything in sight, that’s what happens when you grow up in Southern California, the first deer I killed was about a mile up on the Mountain, Pops had told me to just rip out the guts, well not a good idea. The worst part was feeling the warm blood of the deer, and packing down the mountain, I did learn to roll the guts out without making a mess. I had also killed  a few other things seal bear fox and was attacked by an otter, you want to know the crazy part, I was armed with a 22 rifle. I would have been bear food if they had the notion, but with all the racket I made, it was a long shot they would be within  a mile of me. sorry I know my writing style is somewhat schizoid, well after all it is a journal

I am impressed with the kids of today, I see toe heads like me in full regalia, they look silly, like I go to a meeting down here with the Indigenous people of the southwest, but it show a real appreciation of where we came from. White Natives, we are called, or a bunch of white people pretending to be Natives, well guess what, they are right.

Kill the Indian save the Man, you ever hear that phrase, well it was not just a phase, it was The United States Government policy on dealing with the Indians, we can see this today in how villages and Corporations are being run, not all but a majority. One of the worst thing that they did, and still do to this day, is use Native against Native.

That has been a strategy going back to colonial times, we had the russians in Alaska, but after the purchase of Alaska by The United States, they employed the same strategies in Alaska that had served them well in Amerika.

The one thing that I want to emphasize, this is not a White thing, yea sure, there are white people that hate natives, but you will see everywhere you go, No this is the Government using whites and Native alike. The  biggest example of this that I can see today, which had not flown under my radar until recently, is the Alaskan Permanent fund, in previous times it was the homestead allotment. you have these dirt poor Americans, and they find out they can get paid just to live here, off the proceeds of the resources that are being plundered in the Name of progress. It is a double whammy. I  Know, starting to sound like a bleeding green peacer. I am fine with progress, but I think the permanent fund was a way to stifle the Native population as it still is today, granted the landscape has changed for the better. Who else beside the bought and paid for Natives deserve a respectable life? I personally find it atrocious, preposterous, asinine, just wrong.

The  other big farce, The Alaskan Land Claims Act of 1973, the original plan was to be able to just by it all back through stock purchases, but subsequent amendments stopped that. Did they make sure all these leader from these times were trained in Business, Government, or   was there a process to make sure the leaders had Integrity, I think not, especially at the village level, but that is not the worst part.

When it came time for land selection, they require you to live on land otherwise, the amount was reduced to less than  a few acres per person, far less than the homestead Act. This after the previous years of Moving Natives to the cities with no tools, my whole family both the Lesnoi Corporation and Uganik Natives were reduces to essentially Native Allotments, and until recently we had been taxed on anything we built on these properties.

So when they say we are white people, they are right, through assimilation, not just now, but generational assimilation. I am prototypical of that as was my father, he was paid to move to California and train as an electrician, were raised to be Americans, and assimilated. That is my insight. to be able to look in the window, as a white American. Being born a toe head did help me immensely, and the lightest skin in my family, and southern California was  a dream come true, we were accepted with open arms. That is a why I have  big distinction from seeing  problem for what it really is, Governmental Rich people. It is a half cocked notion thinking of blaming White society, they are just a tool, and not all of them. STATE Local Governments are tools too.  They are the oppressors. They stole our lifestyles, culture and land, and continue to this day, through forced sales, or just poor Natives with no way to live. sell the land, we see how long that last.

These Villages do not even know what sovereignty is, they are so well trained, assimilated as intended. My personal experience, I belonged to a corporation, well 2 of them. there was never any mention of  a tribe, it was all business, with not training. taxing Native land has been rectified for now, but there is black hole as to actually bringing back a village or at least a place we can live on our ancestral land, or even visit.

“here is the land” o yeah we are going to make it so you will never enjoy this land. get your ass to work Lazy Native. that is what i see from our government.

I also want to comment on another big issue, There is a Native movement to protect Alaskan Native Women from being murdered raped in Alaska, this is also a direct result of keeping the Native population indentured and helpless. I support this movement 100%, The Alaska Permanent fund is also a major tool of this, but the biggest problem is  a lack of oversight on the family and village level, lack of schooling direction and culture,which had been robbed. My insight, I came from a broken home as with many Alaskan Natives. I have heard so many detrimental things about drunken Natives,  why is that? that is and has been the intention of the Government, it was part of assimilation. The old proverb, which has been around since the times of the christian religion has, give a Man a fish he will eat, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. They did this in some cases, but this is not enough. There has never been a move to integrate Natives into higher positions. The United States Government should ensure that every Indigenous American gets a proper education and all these publicly Universities should be free, the will probably never happen. you hear about black colleges and the black man  plight, you have to remember, they were also a tool used against Native Americans, not to diminish their plight which has merit, but this was our land. Until you bring us out of  poverty, or at least give us the tools to be able to thrive in your society and still keep our culture, we will always be victims of your policies. I can see them in some fancy Mega hotel in Anchorage saying. ” lets give them a bunch of money, give thier hunting rights to any tom dick hairy with a gun and some money. lets regulate their lifestyle, then we will make sure they have access to as much whiskey they can get, the goal is to get the money back and at the same time keep native down. Alaska has much the same issues as the lower 48, as the same polices are in place. The lower 48 at least have reservations, where the assimilated Natives cant be  a tool to sell of the land. I have to admit to being a tool also, we lost a nice chunk of land,  and I was part of that, land which we will never get back. SOLD, not even squatter rights, the big man from Microsoft Bill Allen was a tool of that fiasco. they could of at least given us squatters rights.

on the flip side, being Native is more than being brown and belonging to a Native Corporation, We should not care if a Native is full blooded or 1/64, or even a full blooded white man. It is detrimental to get into mindset of thinking this is a “white” thing, it is much worse when you have a Alaskan Native working as a tool for the government.